The New Electrically Operated Washing Gun – A Cost-Effective Solution

DYNASET product range is expanding with electrically operated washing guns. The new product family includes four new washing guns, each with a different pressure class: 250, 630, 1000, and 3000 bar. Due to the various pressure classes, the product family is suitable for many applications. The three largest pressure categories’ washing guns come with shoulder support, making working with electrically operated washing guns easier.

The New Electrically Operated Washing Guns Reduce Costs and Enhance Work Safety

Electrically operated washing guns can be used to close the HPW pumps control valve and shut down the pump by releasing the handle. This feature has two benefits. First, the pump doesn’t run unnecessarily, which lowers the overall energy consumption of the product. This makes it a cost-effective solution. Second, there is no pressure in the hose when the pump is switched off, enhancing the product’s safety. For example, in case of a hose breakage, there will not be a dangerous high-pressure eruption of water. 

The main difference between a standard and an electrically operated washing gun is the mode of operation. With a regular washing gun, the water pressure line is usually closed by a mechanically operated valve integrated into the washing gun’s handle. This leaves the high-pressure water pump idle. With an electrically operated washing gun, the high-pressure water pump can be shut down using a solenoid valve.

Electrically operated washing guns can be used precisely the same way as standard guns, requiring only a different connection. The new washing guns offer the advantages mentioned above, including a wide range of applications thanks to the different pressure classes we offer.

You can get these new electrically operated washing guns by the end of 2022!

630-bar electrically controlled washing gun with shoulder support.
The new electrically controlled washing guns reduce costs and enhance the safety of work. In the picture, there is a 630-bar washing gun with shoulder support.