Sustainability at DYNASET

As a Finnish family business sustainability is important to us and it cuts through the whole organization. We have noticed that when the company development is built on expertise and personnel education, sustainability is automatically one of the aspects of development and natural part of working. Not because someone said so, but because it is the wise way to do things.

One important driver of sustainability at DYNASET is high-quality standards that cover the whole supply chain and all our processes. In many ways, the standards lay down the principles which require sustainability in different business sectors. DYNASET Products are made to create a better world of machinery by making each machine more versatile and productive. This can be seen as easier and more efficient working days in almost any imaginable field of industry. Below you can read about three aspects of sustainability from our point of view.

Our Three Approaches to Corporate Sustainability

The environmental aspect is also taken into account in many ways. As a manufacturing company, the design of our products plays an important role in our operation. In our design, we value high material efficiency, repairability, and a high level of recyclability. First of all, our products’ robust structure makes them long-lasting while their compact size ensures high material efficiency. Secondly, all of our products are easy to repair without special tools and spare parts are available if a piece of equipment stops working as intended. Thirdly, we also take our products for reconditioning to our factory if the repairing is not an appealing choice to our customer. Lastly, the products are almost 100 % recyclable if repairing is not possible.

At the factory, waste reduction and recycling are part of our daily work. As a priority, we are reducing waste amounts overall. For example, the covers and packages of semifinished products and the manufacturing process are designed so that they enable the covers and packages circulation. As a secondary method, we are developing easier and more accurate ways to recycle if the reduction is not possible. On top of that, DYNASET Factory was also equipped with its own solar power plant in June 2021 which produces 100 % sustainable energy.

From the end-user perspective, the better machine world means that one machine can do a wider range of tasks on the worksite because of the abilities of hydraulic equipment. For example, an onboard hydraulic generator may substitute a separate generator from the worksite. In some cases, a smaller machine can do tasks of a bigger one with our innovative products. One great example is DYNASET HVB Hydraulic Vibra Pumps which makes pile driving application possible for smaller excavators and backhoes than it would be without it. In other words, hydraulic equipment lowers machine transportation needs, increases the utilization rate of machines, and enables more demanding tasks to smaller machines.

Economical sustainability has always been one of the core ideas at DYNASET. We have always aimed to a controllable growth in which we have succeeded. This makes us a stable and safe employer, partner, and company overall.

Ongoing internal and external development is the foundation that ensures DYNASET’s competitiveness now and in the future. Our perspective on economical sustainability also covers our partners. We favor long-term and close cooperation which benefits all parties involved. In practice, it means we carefully evaluate each cooperation candidate before starting cooperation. The cooperation starts if it really benefits all parties involved. Then we actively involve our partners to develop with us. That way the whole supply chain evolves while economical safety is also ensured.

Teamwork is one of the DYNASET Values and it covers our own team and our partners. We value long-term cooperation, and we want to know people who are we working with. That way we can be sure that our partners act responsibly. We also respect our partners, and we want to build a stable business ecosystem where everyone benefits. For example, we offer education in the field of hydraulics to our dealers so they can develop their skills and business. As an example, one of our dealers described working with us as following: “I think that I am always talking with friends when I’m communicating with Dynaset personnel.” It describes well the attitude that we have towards our partners.

As a family company, we want to offer the best place to work for our employees. For example, anyone can use working hours for learning new skills, educating themselves through internal educational programs, or use external education varying from courses and lectures to whole degrees. The open working atmosphere gives a real possibility to affect a lot to own job through suggestion scheme. We also take seriously all safety and ergonomic aspects of our operations, and we are actively developing both of them.

In recruitment, we value personality over experience. In practice, it can be seen in two specific ways in our team. The first one is that many of our new employees are just graduated or are still studying. We want to give a chance to less experienced experts to show their skills and motivation. The second way is that we actively offer summer vacancies, trainee programs and internships, and student projects to different schools and universities. That’s because we know that studying is hard work and transition to a work-life can be stressful. These student projects help students to hone their working skills and at the same time, they make job search easier. We want to be a bridge between student life and working life for young experts.

Sustainable Development in DYNASET

Sustainability is one of the aspects of development in Dynaset organization. It concerns personnel at the factory and offices, dealers and co-operation partners. Sustainability is part of every day work, product design and the supply chain. The better world of machinery also means better quality, better environment and better working conditions. They are not excluding each other out.

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