Magnet Power for Lifting Magnets

Dynaset provides magnet power for collecting scrap and metal in demolition, recycling, railroad and road side cleaning. The world’s best 0.8 second demagnetizing time guarantees the fastest way of working. Minimizing the dead time in demagnetizing allows to collect metal more efficiently.

Advantages of the Magnet Power Product Line

  • Minimizes dead time
  • The most efficient equipment for scrap and metal collecting
  • World fastest 0.8 second demagnetizing time
  • Small carbon footprint
  • Eco-friendly


  • Powering lifting magnets
  • Plug-and-play magnets with integrated magnet generator
  • Scrap and metal collecting in construction, demolition and recycling
  • Railway and road side cleaning
  • Metal separation
  • Transport and collection of scrap


Magnet power

HMG Pro Hydraulic Magnet Generator

DYNASET HMG PRO Hydraulic Magnet Generator converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into DC electricity to power a lifting magnet.

MAG Lifting Magnet

DYNASET MAG Lifting Magnet is a high-quality magnet which is perfect to go with the HMG PRO Hydraulic Magnet Generator.

HMAG Pro Hydraulic Magnet

DYNASET HMAG PRO Hydraulic Magnet converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into magnet power. It has an integrated hydraulic magnet generator which makes it a complete all-in-one unit.

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