Internship at Dynaset

At Dynaset, our internships offer diverse opportunities for students to expand their skills and explore the path towards expertise in hydraulic equipment. In our company interns actively participate in their team’s regular work. Interns here are as valuable as our regular employees, providing a broad view of Dynaset’s entire business during their internship. Alongside building expertise in their field, interns get to explore various other aspects of the business and connect with employees through work, coffee chats, and diverse team-building activities. Collaboration across departments is a fundamental part of how we operate. 

We regularly welcome interns across different studies at Dynaset. It’s not just for engineering students; there are great opportunities for students from various other fields. While our core business revolves around technology and mechanics, our company’s operations are diverse. Under one roof, you’ll find all our departments such as  

  • Design (R&D) 
  • Product development 
  • Assembly, mechanical and electronical 
  • Quality control  
  • Logistics  
  • Sales and Marketing 
  • After-sales services  
  • Management  
  • Other administrative tasks  

Internship positions are often available in late winter or spring, but feel free to submit an open application at anytime. We assess applications based on our current needs. 

Internships in Dynaset are usually paid, and we offer interns same benefits than our employees have if it’s possible. If you’re interested in an internship, fill out an open application. Tell us what you’re studying, where you are in your studies, your skills, and most importantly, what you hope to learn at Dynaset. 

What is it Like to be an Intern at Dynaset?

Watch Sanna’s story of internship at marketing department in Dynaset.

From Intern to Full-time Employee: Career Paths at Dynaset

We value skilled individuals, and many careers at Dynaset have started as summer internships.   Explore the experiences and career prospects of our former interns at Dynaset. 

The training experience has been great. It was interesting and fun. Colleagues knew how to get me involved, while still let you do things by yourself and learn at your own pace. The best thing about Dynaset is the atmosphere and benefits.
dynaset students Viktor 2023 web
R&D Intern
The training experience has been pleasant and instructive. The best thing about Dynaset is the flexibility of the organization. The tasks are repetitive for the intern either, and it is easy to ask for help from anyone .
dynaset students antti 2023 web
Sales Support Intern
My training experience has been rewarding. I have been able to challenge myself in various work tasks, both in mechanical design and hydraulics. The best thing has been the versatile tasks and nice colleagues. The working days are always different and every day you face new and interesting puzzles where you can challenge yourself.
dynaset students taavi 2023 web
R&D Intern
My training experience has been educational, pleasant and interesting! I felt that I got to grips with the tasks and the community very quickly. The atmosphere is relaxed, where you are given the freedom to try new things. I noticed right away that there is no need to be afraid of failure, because you can always get help from other team members. In the marketing department, the work is done with a strong team spirit despite own independent projects. The best thing about Dynaset is the co-workers and interesting tasks!
dynaset students milla 2023 web
Marketing Intern
The experience has been very positive and I have learned a lot of new things for the future working life, which you can't get from a school. The best thing about Dynaset is that there is variety at work, good and relaxed co-workers, and workplace health promotion program.
dynaset students tero 2023 web
R&D Intern
The training experience has been really good. The work has been quite challenging and I have improved a lot. The best thing is that Dynaset definitely has a communal work atmosphere, as well as a motivated and youthful spirit.
dynaset students simeon 2023 web
Work Management Intern
My internship experience was instructive and I felt that I got a comprehensive view of the purchasing process of the manufacturing industry. I also did my thesis for Dynaset. My thesis topic was relevant for the company, and also interesting which I started working on based on my own job description and studies. The best thing is that Dynaset has an open and humorous work atmosphere.
dynaset students ida 2023
Buyer Intern

Thesis Projects

We’re also interested in collaborating on thesis projects. If you have an intriguing topic in mind and believe  that Dynaset and our products could be suitable partner, submit an open application. Tell us more about your idea, how Dynaset could assist, and how the work could benefit us as well. 

It’s important for us to find thesis projects that align with Dynaset’s growth and reinforce our ability to tackle future challenges. If you have topic areas in mind that interest you and align with our development roadmap, let’s brainstorm together for a compelling subject. Introduce yourself, share your academic background, and your thoughts or ideas for a thesis project here. 

Internship or Thesis With Us?