The four core values are customer-oriented approach, courage, DYNASET technology and teamwork. Dynaset values have settled as a part of company’s culture already for decades ago. The personnel have adapted and nurture these values in their everyday work. They are not only the main route to the growth and success but also guidelines for worksite well-being.

Our Values

Customer-oriented approach as a value means a true partnership and collaboration with customers and co-operation partners. This approach has been integrated into our internal company culture as well. Every employee operates as a customer to each other. The customer-oriented approach in the company also means the way of thinking and working where the needs, benefits, and rights of the customer are considered. This goes all the way to the product quality.

We have set high standards to our customer service. For example, the company’s guidelines include goals for the speed and quality to communicate with the customers. Dynaset is interested to understand and develop their business. This curiosity helps us to produce better products and applications for the specific needs of the customers.

As a pioneer, Dynaset operates with courage. The courage as value originates all the way to the early years of the company history. The company’s founder Reijo Karppinen has been open-minded, courageous, and persistent when developing the products, establishing, and scaling the business. Mr. Karppinen has rooted this attitude to the rest in the company for over the years. The courage has been one of the key factors to success of the company and its customers.

Dynaset is a forerunner which has created its own path with the innovative technology and the ways of working. The company is always courageously moving forward. Dynaset personnel is open-mindedly willing to develop new products and applications for vast range of industries. They are constantly developing new ways to work and solve customer’s problems. The personnel manage risks, but they are very experimental for example with new applications and willing to bring new innovations to the market.

DYNASET Technology is based on hydraulic power. The technology converts hydraulic power to other forms of energy. The company’s products and applications are innovative which allow versatile solutions and utilization for the customers. Dynaset technology enables the best power-to-size ratio in the world. A pioneering mind set is behind the market’s most advanced products which are fully integrable with all kinds of machinery.

As a pioneer, Dynaset is always following its own path and creating new innovations based on hydraulic powered technology. The company is always bringing new, fresh, and in-house designed products and applications to the market. There is a strong will and approach meant to create something original.

Teamwork has been part of Dynaset’s operating culture for decades. Different departments fluently advance the work together. The company philosophy is that all the jobs are equally important. In that sense, everyone is equal. It really doesn’t matter if you are a director or blue-collar worker, you are important part of the team.

The structures which support teamwork have been developed in the company. Ideas evolve to greatness within an excellent team. Helping each other is built-in to the company culture which supports well-being at work. Teamwork also supports learning from each other and gives personnel better opportunity to influence between different departments. As an outcome, Dynaset has a high team-spirit. Despite which team an employee is working, he or she is a part of one big Dynaset family.

What Kind of Work Place DYNASET is? [English Subtitles]

What is it like to be part of the DYNASET team? What is it like to work in this family business? What is our work atmosphere like? What do we think about our values which are customer oriented-approach, courage, company technology, and teamwork? In the video, several employees express their opinions in their own words on the above-mentioned topics. Take a peek behind the scenes and get to know us. Turn on English Subtitles from the YouTube player menu.