Equip Your Mini-excavator with Compact DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generator

New generation’s mini-excavators are featured with powerful hydraulics which allows the usage of more powerful hydraulic equipment. DYNASET HG hydraulic generator transforms the power of a mini-excavator into high-quality electricity for all AC-powered tools, lights, heating, cooling, welding, 1 or 3 phase motors, etc. Typically a worksite gets electricity from a traditional combustion engine driven generator or cable pulling is required. Once Dynaset HG is installed on a mini-excavator, it is always ready to use.

Dynaset HG35kVA Doosan mini excavator angle grinder

Because Dynaset HG is always aboard and ready to use, it saves a lot of working hours. Without delay, the machine’s operator is able to perform different tasks such as welding or repairing with electric tools.

Even when electricity is often available in the city, it is still difficult for a worker to go knockin doors and begging for electricity. It is always a time-consuming effort as well.

The hydraulic power guarantees the availability of electricity anywhere, anytime when a mini-excavator is equipped with Dynaset HG. It allows versatile usage of the machine in various projects, says Anni Karppinen, Sales Manager from Dynaset.

A traditional [combustion] engine driven generator is a space-hogging solution, e.g. a fuel tank requires a lot of extra space. Dynaset HG doesn’t need a fuel tank because it is powered by the hydraulics of a machine. Dynaset HG is less than half the size of a traditional generator which guarantees easy installation on a mini-excavator.

Dynaset HG65kVA Volvo mini excavator close

A mini-excavator equipped with HG6,5kVA can produce enough power for a whole worksite or HG3,5kVA is more than sufficient to produce electricity for basic needs.

There are also more powerful Dynaset HG models available. Different models of Dynaset HG generate high-quality electricity in the power range of 3,5 – 200kVA.

Automatic frequency control regulates frequency exactly to 50Hz or 60Hz and
automatic voltage control maintains a steady voltage of 115V, 230V, and 400V, etc. regardless of the electric load. Dynaset HG includes overload protection, safety earth leakage, and international standard 3 to 5 pole sockets or alternatively a fuse and a socket box.