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HRU Hydraulic Rescue Unit

Hydraulic Rescue Unit is a compact solution for rescue use with own hydraulic pump, oil tank, and filter. HRU uses the carrier machine’s hydraulic system as a power source and generates up to 800 bar pressure.  

  • The World’s best power-to-size ratio 
  • Easy and space-saving installation 
  • Simultaneous two tool use from one unit with 800 bar and 5 l/min for each tool 
  • Requires only 210 bar and 45 l/min flow from carrier machine 
  • If one tool is used, you can combine the hydraulic lines and achieve a 10 l/min flow rate 
  • Small carbon footprint – No separate engine 
  • Increases vehicles versatility and utilization rate 
  • Always ready for use 
  • Enables smaller machinery to use more demanding tools 
  • Two-year or 2000 hour warranty 

In addition to the best power-to-size ratio and compact size, HRU has other features too  

  • Operates with the patented piston-to-piston structure with no rotating parts 
  • Light-weight (24 kg/52.9 lbs) 
  • Compact size – length 375 mm, width 240 mm and height 220 mm (14.76 x 9.45 x 8.66 inches)  
  • Powering up hydraulic cutting tools, hydraulic spreaders, and combi tools 
  • Powering up hydraulic rams and struts 
  • Other pressure boosting applications 

Hydraulic Rescue Unit has own independent hydraulic system and it utilizes a machine’s or vehicle’s hydraulic system as a power source.  

  1. Hydraulic oil flow from the carrier machine is led to the HRU through the pressure line. The hydraulic oil flow is used to power up the hydraulic pump of the HRU. The hydraulic oil flow is led back to the carrier machine’s hydraulic oil tank through the return line.  
  2. HRU’s hydraulic pump creates its own hydraulic oil flow and has a pressure and return line. These lines are connected to the on/off-operating block.  
  3. The on/off-operating block is used to control the oil flow from the HRU. The block has room for two pieces of hydraulic equipment. The pieces of equipment can be used simultaneously (5l/min flow of each at 800 bar) or one at a time (10l/min flow at 800 bar).  
  4. The on/off-operating block has a bypass valve that is used when the on/off-valve is closed. The bypass allows the hydraulic oil flow to travel back to HRU’s hydraulic oil tank.  
  5. The hydraulic oil is led back to HRU’s hydraulic oil tank through the return line 

Suitable machinery


Aerial Working Platforms

Tractors & Agricultural Machinery

Vans, Pick-up Trucks & Service Vehicles

Trucks, Concrete Trucks & Mobile Cranes

Fire Engines & Rescue Vehicles

Boats & Ships

Used in industries

Firefighting, Rescue and Military


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