DYNASET Customer Satisfaction Survey results – February 2023

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is a vital tool for us to tell you how successful we are in helping our customers achieve a better world of machinery. It also gives us an idea of how our values, particularly the customer-orientated approach, are implemented. The latest survey was carried out in February 2023 and received 96 responses.

95% of respondents would likely recommend Dynaset, and 95% are very satisfied with our services. Our products, technical expertise and technical support, were particularly praised. There were also suggestions for improvements, which will be put at the top of our development list. For example, we received individual requests for an even faster response to customers, so there seems to be a demand for hydraulic know-how!

The quality of DYNASET products was seen as high, and products were seen as reliable and as meeting the customer’s needs. Our activities were perceived to have remained similar to previous years, and our customers felt that they were generally well, very well, or excellent informed about the progress of their cases. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and other world events, our customers also generally felt that we were very good or excellent at meeting delivery deadlines. There was also some very welcome feedback, including improvement suggestions, that we welcome openly. After all, this is how we can develop our company and products to meet your expectations!

Overall, the feedback from the survey was very positive and included constructive suggestions to improve our operations – thanks to all our customers who responded to the survey. Feedback is precious to us. Based on it, we will refine our processes to ensure faster support for our customers in the future and review our aftermarket operations to speed up spare parts deliveries.