Dynaset is Growing and Developing

Now it’s time to celebrate, because the extension of our building has been completed! The new facilities will be operational, 28th of August 2023. How will the new premises benefit us and our customers? How do we feel about the new premises? Let’s take a tour of our new extension!

The extended facilities are located at the back of the Dynaset building. The extension is around 2,400 m2 and includes Dynaset’s logistics functions, i.e. reception, storage, collection, packing and dispatch. In addition, the new facilities include a small assembly shop for semi-finished products and quality assurance functions. The quality assurance functions are based on the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate, the world’s most recognized tool for building and developing a quality management system.

 Here is an illustrated map of Dynaset’s premises from the top left. The map is marked with a red spot where the viewer is. Also the map is marked with the main entrance, guest parking, electric car charging point, door numbers and  doors for arrivals and departures marked with arrows.
The extension is located at the rear of the building. There are different loading doors for arrivals and departures on different sides of the building.

The New Premises will benefit both us and our customers

Customer orientation is one of the core values at Dynaset. The new extension will increase our storage capacity by 40 % enabling us to grow and serve our customers better. The loading bridges will make the reception and shipments easier for us and our carriers. The new facilities will also enable the introduction of automation in logistics, and later, mobile robots and transport lines by the end of the year. So, the completion of the extension is therefore a win-win situation for everyone from the beginning ofthe production chain to the end user. 

A building, where three men are building a concrete floor
The floor of the extension was completed in a few days.

The extension brings clear benefits in day-to-day work. The premises were getting cramped, so now with the extension there is more storage and working space. Hannu Lähde, logistics supervisor was closely involved in the expansion. He points out that the expansion means that there is a separate hall for materials and logistics workers in the warehouse. Work safety and efficiency will be improved by having separate workstations and areas for each employee. 

– The entire logistics staff has been looking forward to the new warehouse with excitement, as operations and material storage will become clearer. In addition, a new storage system, WMS, will be introduced this year. All transactions, storage locations and other functions will then work through this system, says Hannu.

The expansion will have a positive impact on the work of our logistics worker Jasmin Niittylä

– New workspaces will have a significant impact on the speed of collection. The workspaces will be open, where there will be no need to move things around during the collection. Overall, I have an expectant and excited feeling!  What I particularly look forward to from the new workspaces is easier and more efficient warehouse operations, says Jasmin. 

Image of the unfinished logistics warehouse. Shown are high shelves with pallets.
We moved to the new logistics spaces in August during a couple of weeks of production break.

Janne Holm, logistics manager, has been working on the extension for the last 1.5 years and can confirm that the extension is really what we needed.

– It’s great to see things starting to take shape and I’m looking forward to seeing the new premises in action. Of course, we still have a lot to develop and work on even after the extension is completed, but the benefits of the new facilities will be seen immediately in every logistics department. I believe that the new facilities will bring more energy to work in every logistics department. In particular, I expect the new premises to be a modern and functional logistics centre, which exudes determination and efficiency, says Janne. 

Just a celebration

We celebrated the extension together at our summer party on 12th of August. Building the extension has been quite an effort and has occupied our whole team, so a shared celebration was in order. The programme of the party consisted of enjoying great music, dance performances, food, drinks, company and of course to celebrate our fabulous new facilities. During the party we also remembered and rewarded our long-serving Dynaset members, as well as the organisers of the party. The evening ended with a crazy conga line dance. This is a good feeling to carry on  into the autumn! 

Photo shows buffet table in the foreground, a basket of bread and food in containers. In the background, tables with people seated to celebrate and eat. 
We celebrated the extension together at our summer party.