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SCU Surface Cleaning Unit


  • Efficient cleaning up to 60 000 m2 / day
  • Resulting clean, almost dry surfaces
  • Clean pores
  • Safe to use, don’t splash water, dirt or rocks to the surroundings
  • Pre-washing capability without suction
  • Pressure washing with washing pistol
  • Versatile functions which can be used separately (e.g. suction use only)


  • Operating speed max 5 km/h
  • Water pump’s output max 50 l/min (13.2 gpm)
  • Water pressure max 220 bar (3200 psi)
  • Working width 150 cm (59.1 in)
  • Weight 720 kg
  • Water reservoir capasity 540 l
  • Vacuum -8 kPa
  • Airflow 3,4 M3/s
  • Hose reel
  • Hose length 20 m (65.6 feet)
  • Splash protection
  • Washing gun



  • Parking garages
  • Car parks
  • Terminal areas
  • Large factories
  • Paved market areas
  • Boulevards
  • Logistic areas
  • Paths and pavements
  • Mall surroundings
  • Storage areas
  • Large indoor areas
  • Tradeshow areas

How Does the Surface Cleaning Unit Work?

SCU Surface Cleaning Unit utilizes carrier machine’s hydraulic system as power source. It produces high-pressure water for surface cleaning and powerful vacuum to suck the washing water.

  1. Hydraulic oil flow is led from the hydraulic system of the carrier machine into the HMV Hydraulic modular Valve System where it is led to the hydraulic equipment such as HPW Hydraulic High Pressure Water Pump and HCF Hydraulic Centrifugal Fan which are powered by hydraulics.
  2. HPW Hydraulic High Pressure Water Pump sucks water from a reservoir and pumps high-pressure water through rotating flat spray nozzles onto the washable surface.
  3. The SCU has a cover which prevents the water, dirt and rocks from spreading to the environment.
  4. HFC Hydraulic Centrifugal Fan vacuums the water and dirt from the surface into an integrated container for recycling.
  5. Optionally the high-pressure water can be led to a washing pipe for street washing or to the washing pistol for regular pressure washing.
  6. Different functions such as the suction, can be switched on and off depending on the intended use.

Suitable machinery


Tractors & Agricultural Machinery

Street Sweepers and Cleaning Machinery

Used in industries

Transportation, Shipping and Aviation

Environment and Infrastructure

Property Management


Technical details

Water output max.l/min (gpm)50 (13.2)
Pressure (psi)220 (3200)
Working widthcm (in)150 (59.1)
Water tankl (gal)540 (142.65)
Water filter sizeR3/4"
Water filter mesh80 or better
Vacuum Washing Unit
Vacuum, max.kPa-8
Airflow, max.m3/s3,4
Washing nozzles6
Working widthcm (in)150 (59.1)
Nozzle Pipe
Washing pipe widthmm (in)1250 (49.2)
Washing nozzles8
Water Pistol
Water pistol hose diameter3/8"
Water pistol hose lengthm (feet)20 m (65,6)
Water pistolST2300-SW-800-2508
Hydraulic Power Requirements
Oil flow nom.l/min (gpm)110 (23)
Oil flow max.l/min (gpm)150 (39.6)
Pressure (psi)210 (3000)
Hydraulic Fluid Requirements
ViscositycSt10-200 / optimum 25-35
Temperature°C (°F)max. 70 (158)
Filter ratioμm25 or better
Cooling capacity requirementkW2


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