Property Maintenance with the Power of Hydraulics

The days of property maintenance workers are filled with tasks. These tasks mean billable income for the property maintenance company. The vehicle that is used by a property maintenance worker plays a huge role. What if the property maintenance worker could do even more? For example, what if she or he could power wash entrances of downtown buildings?

The washing could be pre-scheduled, like every Monday. Another option is a need-based washing. Need-based washing could be done when the property maintenance worker sees something that is dirty, like a dirty entrance. Especially in downtown areas gateways, outdoor corridors, courtyards, and such can attract unwanted visitors that make a mess.

How to Do Such Small Washing Tasks Efficiently?

The power washing, or pressure washing, as a service could help the property maintenance company to earn more income. But how the washing tasks are possible to do as efficiently as possible? The onboard hydraulic equipment can change the game. And remember, basically every vehicle can have a hydraulic system!

This idea, or application as we speak, can be done with HPW Hydraulic Power Washer that is installed with a container and hydraulic PTO onto the vehicle that the worker uses. The onboard equipment is always ready for use. It means the time that is required to start working is minimal.

Think about entrance washing. The worker could drive the vehicle close to the entrance, start the power washer, grab the washing pistol, and pull some hose from the hose reel, and power wash the entrance in no time. The worker doesn’t need to use the precious time for searching a faucet or for connecting the garden hose to the water supply.

And why you should choose onboard equipment instead of a regular power washer? The onboard setup makes the job easier and faster. The setup is ready if you need to do a small washing task. You just need to grab the washing gun, and that’s it. And the same equipment can be used with a faucet connection also if the washing task is bigger.

Small Size is The Key!

The hydraulic power washers are smaller than traditional power washers. This is an important feature in in-vehicle equipment because you want to save room. DYNASET Hydraulic Power Washer series has models that are about the size of a six-pack. This means that the equipment wouldn’t require the whole trunk of the vehicle.

Hydraulic PTO For Any Vehicle

Like said before, the hydraulic power washer requires a hydraulic PTO which can be installed basically onto any commercial vehicle.

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PS. Did you know that the hydraulic power washer has a huge amount of accessories! See the listing from the product site’s accessories tab!