How You Can Increase Your Vehicle’s Versatility?

The summer sun has been in the sky for a few weeks even in Finland so it is quite safe to say that the summer is here. At least there is no snow on the ground. Hence, it means many of us have some kind of summer vacation coming. Some of us have already spent our summer vacation. That’s one reason why we filmed a casual summer video. Although, the video has more than meets the eye.

As you can see, there are a hydraulic generator and hydraulic compressor installed in Volkswagen Transporter. In other words, hydraulic equipment is possible to install in a van. These pieces of equipment are meant to be used for productive work even though these can be used for other purposes too!

A van that is equipped with hydraulic equipment has almost countless ways to benefit from it. Even though we played with this idea a little bit in the video, it can help you to find new ways to benefit from a vehicle that has electricity and compressed air outputs! Or maybe you find a way to expand your business.

The versatility of these pieces of equipment is huge and that is one important reason why the owners of these things love them. With the on-board hydraulic generator, you can power up tools that require much power.

Why choose a hydraulic generator?

And why you should buy a hydraulic generator instead of an inverter? The power output is one reason. DYNASET Hydraulic Generator’s standard models can provide more power than basic inverters. For example, in 50 Hz standard models max output is 62 kW (80 kVa). And if you need even more power bigger models are available on a request. These models output is up to 280 kW. In other words, the hydraulic generator is a better choice than inverter when the electricity demand is high.

Versatility Makes Things Easier

The same kind of versatility follows the hydraulic compressor. In the video, you can see DYNASET HK Hydraulic Piston Compressor. Compressed air can power up air impact wrenches, staplers, nailers, torque wrenches, it can be used for cleaning, and like in the video, for filling up beach toys.

Both of these pieces of hydraulic equipment can help entrepreneurs and contractors a lot because they make daily working a bit easier. And by the way, most of the vehicles can have a hydraulic power take-off (Hydraulic PTO). With expertise, a hydraulic pump is possible to install on vehicles and mobile machines.

But enjoy the video, it probably has something that you can relate.