HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System for Firefighting and Special Industries

In the world of firefighting and specialized industries, the need for spark-free cutting solutions is paramount to ensure safety and efficiency in the working environment. Enter Dynaset, a pioneering company in hydraulic technology, which has responded to this need with the launch of their latest innovation – the HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System. This innovative cold-cutting system harnesses the power of high-pressure water to deliver an efficient and spark-free cold-cutting solution to redefine various industries.


The Power of Abrasive Cutting with High-Pressure Water 

The HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System uses high-pressure water mixed with abrasive sand to create a potent cutting force capable of slicing through even the toughest materials such as steel and concrete. Remarkably, this system operates at a lower pressure of 320 bar, a significant reduction compared to the immense 4000 bar pressure that is typically required by most cold-cutting systems. 

The HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System comprises of a control unit, abrasive sand tanks, hydraulic high-pressure water pump, an abrasive pistol, and a hose reel. The cutting is carried out with high-pressure water mixed with abrasive sand. Additionally, the pump can be used to deliver foam liquid, facilitating rapid foam spreading through a nozzle change. With an operational pressure of approximately 320 bar, this system is more than capable of efficiently cutting through fire doors. 

Product photo of the HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System 
The system includes a control unit, abrasive sand tanks, a high-pressure water pump, an abrasive pistol and a hose reel.

The high-pressure water is channelled through a hose system to a specialized pistol, enabling precise hole cutting through doors, roofs, and various structures. The system can be controlled with the selection buttons on the pistol. Through the buttons you can turn the high-pressure water pump on, activate the foaming capability, and use the abrasive sand. The abrasive sand can be easily added to the water through the selection buttons that are located on both sides of the pistol to allow accessibility for left and right-handed users. While the system can be operated through the selection buttons on the pistol wirelessly, the system also has a manual controller. 

Selection buttons on the abrasive pistol
Through the selection buttons on the pistol, the high-pressure water pump can be activated as well as the abrasive sand and the foaming accessory

Picture of the manual controller of the HAC
The system can be also operated with the manual controller. 

Continuous Cutting with Patented Valve Structure 

One of the standout features of the HAC system is its patented valve structure, which enables continuous cutting without the need for refills. Equipped with two abrasive material tanks, this system allows uninterrupted operation as one tank can be refilled while the other remains in use. As a result, downtime for refilling is virtually eliminated, ensuring maximum productivity. The system operates reliably by utilizing the hydraulic power from the carrier vehicle’s or machine’s engine, and with a flow of 115 l/min at 230 bars you reach the maximum cutting power.  

Dynaset patented valve structure with two abrasive sand tanks.
Dynaset patented valve structure allows for continuous working eliminating downtime and maximizing productivity. 

Versatile Applications Across Industries 

The HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System finds applications across various industrial sectors. In the rescue sector, it plays a critical role in safely extinguishing fires through walls, doors, and roofs, and cooling down spaces to allow safer entrance in emergencies. As a valuable accessory, Dynaset also provides a foam-spreading accessory, enhancing the systems firefighting capabilities. Moreover, the system’s ability to cut safely in fire-hazardous zones makes it an indispensable tool in sensitive environments. 

HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System going through a container
The HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System can go through even the toughest materials such as fire doors and containers to extinguish fires.

This system exhibits impressive cutting capabilities, making quick work of different materials. It can slice through 60mm of wood in just 2-3 seconds, 16mm of steel in 18-20 seconds, and even 110mm of concrete in just 80 seconds.  

HAC cutting through metal.
The system can cut through different materials such as wood, metal and concrete with ease.

Versatile Nozzle Options 

The HAC system ‘s quick coupling feature enables the attachment of various nozzles to the pistol, enhancing its versatility. For instance, the fog nozzle is used to direct fog into combustible areas, enhancing firefighting capabilities. Another option is the foam nozzle, which allows foam liquid to be introduced directly into the water stream, activated with the press of a button on the pistol. This versatility makes the system an invaluable tool for both cutting and extinguishing operations. 

HAC with foam nozzle in use.
Dynaset also offers an accessory for spreading firefighting foam. 

In conclusion, Dynaset’s HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System represents a groundbreaking advancement in cold-cutting technology, serving the firefighting and specialized industries with efficiency, reliability, and versatility. Its innovative features, coupled with impressive cutting capabilities, make it a valuable asset for professionals in the field, providing a safe and efficient solution for cutting and firefighting needs. You can find more information here or fill the form below! 

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