Blue Air is a new DYNASET product family of hydraulic compressors. The Blue Air product family includes HK Hydraulic Piston Compressors and HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressors. They have new design and improvements for even longer product life. We also introduce some new features such as oil-free models to produce cleaner air flow and models with 13 bar pressure.

HK Hydraulic Piston Compressor – Blue Air Models

HK 450 and HK 1000 models have some new features and a new look with structure paint which will give better resistance for hard usage. HK 1000 will have a new frame with less welding points which will increase the frame durability. HK 450 also includes oi-free models which enables more versatile range of applications. There aren’t that many limitations in installation or operating angle due to the oil-free technology. The oil-free compressor is also easier to maintain as it doesn’t require an oil change. And of course, the oil-free compressors produce cleaner air flow.

Download the data sheet from below and contact our sales for more information.

Blue Air HK450 Hydraulic Piston Compressor print.jpg 1

HKR5000 Blue Air Hydraulic Screw Compressor 2023 web

HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressors – Blue Air Models

We are introducing three new HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor models producing 13 bar pressure in addition to our large selection of screw compressors.

Download the data sheet and contact our sales for more information.

Download the New Blue Air Compressor Data Sheets

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