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De-Icing Technology

Key Benefits

De-Icing Technology saves time and money with automation and it is easy to use.

  • Saves used fluid with a consumption optimizing automation.
  • Adjusts the fluid consumption according to the speed of the vehicle
  • High-pressure spraying system ensures even fluid coverage onto a surface
  • Easy to keep track of the De-icing technology usage with usage reports
  • Easy to operate from the cabin with a user interface
  • Reliable


DYNASET experts have a long experience of de-icing configurations that guarantees the best solution for your need. De-icing Technology has great features too.

  • Additional spraying pistol and hose reel
  • Stores the work data to a memory card or USB flash drive.
  • Available to all standard commercial trucks and tractors
  • Additional thermal printer for the usage report printing
  • Every configuration is designed by DYNASET experts


  • De-icing airport runways
  • De-icing airplane wings
  • De-icing roads
  • De-icing parking lots

How the De-Icing Technology System Works And What Modules Can Be Included In It?

De-icing Technology is powered by the carrier vehicle that provides the hydraulic power for the Automatic Hydraulic Spraying System. If the vehicle doesn’t have hydraulic power take-off already, it can be installed into it. When the system is set into action, its pump begins to spray the de-icing fluid or anti-freeze agent through optimized nozzles. The amount of fluid sprayed is kept at the optimal level automatically with the built-in monitoring system. The de-icing system includes various modules, which are presented below.

  1. DYNASET Hydraulic Power Take-off (PTO). The hydraulic power take-off converts the vehicle engine’s mechanical power to fluid power for a piece of hydraulic equipment. All vehicles can be equipped with PTO. DYNASET hydraulic variable high-speed pump rotates freely without noise and it can be used from idle to full power.
  2. Automatic Hydraulic Spraying System. The spraying system includes HPW high-pressure fluid pump that creates the spraying power. Nozzle pipes and spraying nozzles deliver the fluid onto the surface. The automatic high-pressure system sprays the fluid efficiently and adjusts the fluid consumption according to the vehicle speed level. The operator controls the system with an easy user interface from the vehicle’s cabin.
  3. Fluid Tanks. Dynaset provides various kinds of fluid tanks for de-icer and anti-freeze agent based on customer’s and application’s requirements. The tank can include a suction filter, 3” drain valve, maintenance bridge, two-level switches, and level measurement sensor.
  4. Automatic Hydraulic Boom System. An automatic hydraulic boom system for vehicles has a stabilizer and lift to ensure that the boom is aligned horizontally during the de-icing work. The system has various working widths starting from few meters to cover even the biggest runways and road surfaces. The boom automatically switches between transport and different working positions. The boom is also equipped with warning lights.

Suitable machinery

Tractors & Agricultural Machinery

Vans, Pick-up Trucks & Service Vehicles

Trucks, Concrete Trucks & Mobile Cranes

Special Vehicles

Used in industries

Transportation, Shipping and Aviation

Environment and Infrastructure

Special vehicles and Process Industry

Technical details

DE-ICING Technology
DescriptionDynaset De-icing Technology provides fast, highly automated and cost effective modules for spreading de-icing fluids to remove ice or prevent icing.
Base machineSuitable for all standard commercial trucks and tractors.
ApplicationsRoads, parking lots, runways, aircrafts.
FeaturesAutomatically adjusting spraying system, easy user interface, additional spraying pistol and hose reel.
BenefitsOptimal fluid consumption (g/m2) with all vehicle speed levels. High pressure spraying system ensures even de-icer coverage. The system is powered by hydraulics with zero emissions.
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