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HWG Hydraulic Welding Generator

Key Benefits

Hydraulic welding generator can be located in confined space since it is powered by hydraulics and doesn’t require a diesel generator as power source.

  • Always ready for use
  • Saves time, space and resources
  • Easy installation on all hydraulic systems
  • Reliable
  • Small carbon footprint
  • Two-year or 2000 hour warranty


In addition to high quality welding current from 180 A up to 400 A and auxiliary AC-power from 6 kVA up to 10 kVA, the welding generator has great features.

  • HWG Hydraulic Welding Generator operates with a compact, silent hydraulic motor
  • AC power for other electric appliances available
  • Automatic welding current control maintains continuous current
  • Automatic voltage control maintains the steady voltage according to electric load.
  • HWG Hydraulic Welding Generator is a complete power station with overload protection and residual current circuit breaker
  • Compact size
  • Light Weight
  • Easy installation
  • No extra engine
  • No fuel tank
  • No exhaust pipe
  • High quality coil parts
  • Maintenance free
  • Overload protection
  • Safety earth leakage relay
  • Residual current circuit breaker.
  • 3 or 5 pin sockets as standard
  • Auxiliary fuse/socket box available


  • Pipe welding
  • Drill shaft welding
  • Road and Infra maintenance
  • Small repair welding
  • Welding with forestry equipment
  • Powering electric tools
  • Powering lights
  • Powering heaters
  • Powering coolers
  • Powering submersible pumps
  • Powering 1- and 3-phase motors
  • Back-up power

How Does the Hydraulic Welding Generator Work?

Hydraulic welding generator utilizes a machine’s, vehicle’s or vessel’s hydraulic system as power source

  1. Hydraulic oil flow is led to the hydraulic welding generator’s integrated hydraulic motor through the pressure line
  2. The hydraulic welding generator converts the hydraulic oil flow and pressure into welding current and auxiliary electricity
  3. The hydraulic oil is led back to carrier machine’s hydraulic oil tank through the return line

Suitable machinery


Mining Machines

Drilling & Foundation Equipment

Crushers & Screeners

Aerial Working Platforms

Tractors & Agricultural Machinery

Forestry Machines & Harvesters

Vans, Pick-up Trucks & Service Vehicles

Trucks, Concrete Trucks & Mobile Cranes

Industrial Solutions

Boats & Ships

Used in industries

Construction and Earthmoving

Drilling, Mining and Quarrying

Environment and Infrastructure

Service and Maintenance

Forestry, Agriculture and Fur Farming


Technical details

Welding currentA40-18030-22040-30030-400
Welding electrodeØ 4 mmØ 5 mmØ 6 mmØ 7 mm
ED %%50353535
Output voltage, VAC1 phase230230230230
3 phase400400400400
Output Power1 phase3,0 kVA3,0 kVA4,0 kVA4,0 kVA
3 phase6,0 kVA6,0 kVA8,0 kVA8,0 kVA
Flow min.l / min (U.S. gpm)36 (5.5)51 (13.5)56 (14.8)81 (21.4)
Pressure (psi)210 (3000)210 (3000)210 (3000)210 (3000)
Lengthmm (in)563 (21.10)567 (22.35)613 (24.15)801 (31.55)
Widthmm (in)212 (8.35)212 (8.35)285 (11.15)318 (12.55)
Heightmm (in)370 (14.60)365 (14.40)434 (17.10)544 (21.45)
Weightkg (lbs)51 (112)52 (114)92 (203)132 (291)


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