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HPW-FIRE High-Pressure Firefighting System

Key Benefits

HPW-Fire is a hydraulic powered and high-pressure version of firefighting. Our products cover special nozzles, pumps, pressure intensifiers, piercing tools, and a flow multiplier.

  • Safe way to lower the temperature of the superheated gasses to prevent the backdraft
  • Piercing nozzles have a robust structure and you can use them as a piercing tool
  • Less water damage with a small droplet size
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Two-year or 2000hour warranty


While the safety of the firefighters are always the first priority, there are also other features in the high-pressure firefighting system

  • More water from fire hydrants with a flow multiplier
  • Effective firefighting solutions with high-pressure water
  • Integrated to the rescue or firefighting vehicle
  • Every configuration is designed by Dynaset experts


  • Remote and safe fire extinguishing with Piercing Kit and High-pressure Water Pumps
  • Remote piercing of windows with Piercing kit
  • Remote piercing of light walls Piercing kit
  • Remote piercing of roofs Piercing kit
  • Fast piercing of doors and light walls with Piercing nozzles
  • High-pressure firefighting with Firefighting Pistol Kit and High-Pressure Water Pumps
  • Fog firefighting with a fog nozzle (droplet size between 10-100 μm and flow between 30-180 l/min)
  • Multiplying the water flow from a fire hydrant with Flow Multiplier (FM2) (up to 600 l/min with 8 bar pressure)
  • Foam injecting with Foam Injector equipped with a metering system to control concentrate amounts added to the water (0-6 %).
  • The traditional low-pressure firefighting with Hydraulic Low-Pressure Fire Pump (up to 1200 l/min and 42 bar)
  • Powering up the hydraulic tools with Hydraulic Rescue Unit
  • Pressure boosting for hydraulic tools with Hydraulic Power Intensifier

How Does the High-pressure Firefighting System Work?

DYNASET HPW-FIRE firefighting products use solely the hydraulic system of the base machine to operate. They use hydraulic power to create compact and powerful solutions for firefighting.

  1. Hydraulic oil flow is led to the hydraulic equipment through the pressure line
  2. The hydraulic equipment converts the hydraulic oil flow and pressure into needed form. High-pressure Firefighting system can include high-pressure and low-pressure water pumps, hydraulic-powered piercing devices, flow multipliers, power intensifiers, and Hydraulic Rescue Unit.
  3. The hydraulic oil is led back to the carrier machine’s hydraulic oil tank through the return line

Suitable machinery

Fire Engines & Rescue Vehicles

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) & Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV)

Boats & Ships

Used in industries

Firefighting, Rescue and Military

Technical details

HPW 250 firefighting pistol kitPistol handle 250 bar (3600 psi), 30 l/min (7.9 U.S. gpm) with quick coupler piercing / fog / foam nozzle.
HPW 220 firefighting pistol kitPistol handle 220 bar (2900 psi), 50 l/min (13.2 U.S. gpm) with quick coupler piercing / fog / foam nozzle.
HPW 130 firefighting pistol kitPistol handle 130 bar (1900 psi), 180 l/min (47.5 U.S. gpm) with quick coupler piercing / fog / foam nozzle.
HPW 180 firefighting pistol kitPistol handle 180 bar (2600 psi), 90 l/min (23.8 U.S. gpm) with quick coupler piercing / fog / foam nozzle.
HPP 800-42Hydraulic low pressure fire pump, max. 800 l/min (211 U.S. gpm), 8 bar (120 psi). Hydraulic flow requirement 42 l/min (11 U.S. gpm).
HPP 1200-70Hydraulic low pressure fire pump, max. 1200 l/min (317 U.S. gpm), 42 bar (600 psi). Hydraulic flow requirement 70 l/min (18.5 U.S. gpm).
HRU 800 /2x5-45Closed circuit hydraulic-to-hydraulic power unit. Delivers 800 bar (11600 psi), 2x5 l/min (1.3 U.S. gpm) of hydraulic power for rescue tools.
HPI 700/30-75Hydraulic-to-hydraulic power unit. HPI delivers 1x700 bar (10200 psi), 30 l/min (7.9 U.S. gpm) of hydraulic power for rescue tools.
Foam injectorAdjustable foam content 0 - 6%.


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