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PPL High Pressure Pipe Cleaning Unit

Key Benefits

The pipe cleaning unit provides effective washing length up to 100 meters horizontally and 20 meters vertically. The high-quality equipment provides plenty of benefits.

  • Compact all-in-one unit takes minimal space from a vehicle and saves space for other uses
  • High-pressure washing guarantees optimized water consumption and saves plenty of water
  • High-pressure washing gives the best washing result
  • Ease of use saves time
  • Eco-friendly
  • Small carbon footprint
  • Two-year or 2000 hour warranty


The pipe cleaning unit has different component and pump combinations with plenty of useful features.

  • Adjustable water pressure up to 460 bar and water flow up to 90 l/min
  • Selection of nozzles for pipe cleaning, ice removing, root cutting
  • Additional water heating unit available
  • Additional remote control available
  • Additional hose reel and washing gun available
  • Hydraulically operated hose reel available
  • Self-priming high-pressure water pump models
  • Variety of water pump models with different output available
  • The high water pressure compensates pressure loss
  • LS water pressure control available
  • Manual or electric (12V/24V) pump and hose reel control available


  • Pipe cleaning and flushing
  • Drain cleaning and flushing
  • Sewer pipe cleaning and flushing
  • Underdrain cleaning and flushing
  • High pressure cleaning and flushing
  • Ice removing and defrosting pipes and sewers
  • Unclogging pipes and sewers
  • High-pressure washing with washing gun

How Does the High Pressure Pipe Cleaning Unit Work?

The hydraulic high pressure water pump on the pipe cleaning unit utilizes a carrier machine’s or vehicle’s hydraulic system as power source to produce high pressure water for pipe cleaning.

  1. Hydraulic oil flow is led to the hydraulic high pressure water pump through the pressure line
  2. The hydraulic high pressure water pump converts the hydraulic oil flow and pressure into high pressure water
  3. The hydraulic oil is led back to vehicle’s hydraulic oil tank through the return line
  4. The high-pressure water is pumped to the hose. The water jets from the nozzle moves it through the pipe while flushing, cleaning and removing blockages.
  5. The hose can be hydraulically rewound back to the hose reel.

Suitable machinery

Compact Loaders

Vans, Pick-up Trucks & Service Vehicles

Trucks, Concrete Trucks & Mobile Cranes

Used in industries

Environment and Infrastructure

Service and Maintenance

Property Management

Forestry, Agriculture and Fur Farming


Special vehicles and Process Industry

Technical details

Washing pressure (psi)200 (2900)220 (3200)180 (2600)460 (6700)
Output max.l / min (U.S. gpm)30 (7.9)50 (13.2)90 (23.8)50 (13.2)
Recommended hose Øin3/81/23/41/2
Recommended hose lengthm (ft)50 (13.2)50 (13.2)50 (13.2)100 (26.4)
Control(M)manual/ (E12) electric 12V/ (E24) electric 24VM/E12/E24M/E12/E24M/E12/E24M/E12/E24
Flow max.l / min (U.S. gpm)40 (10.6)70 (18.5)115 (30.4)115 (30.4)
Pressure (psi)210 (3000)210 (3000)210 (3000)250 (3600)
Lengthmm (in)640 (25.2) 640 (25.2) 640 (25.2) 640 (25.2)
Widthmm (in) 500 (19.7) 500 (19.7) 500 (19.7) 500 (19.7)
Heightmm (in)840 (33.1)840 (33.1)840 (33.1)840 (33.1)
Weightkg (lbs)69 (152.1)72 (158.7)73 (160.9)85 (187.4)


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