Christmas Time Means Time with Family

Christmas is nearly here, and to most of us, it means slowing down. In Finland, Christmas traditions include many decorations and Christmassy foods like ham, even though turkey, chicken, and seitan have also found their way to the Christmas table. Of course, radio stations do their part by bringing all the loved Christmas songs into their playlists. Many Finns also visit graveyards on holidays to pay respects to those who have passed. Cemeteries are peaceful, atmospheric, and pretty at Christmas because of all the candles the visitors light on the graves. And one of the most loved traditions is the Christmas sauna.

Most importantly, Christmas means time with loved ones. Most of our team members have special holiday plans, and many have scheduled flex-leave and free days near Christmas. But what kind of traditions and plans do our team members have? We asked this from two of our team members: Marketing Intern Sanna Hömmö and Production Worker Markus Hällilä.

  • My favorite Christmas traditions are Christmas porridge on Christmas morning and after that, having a sauna. I also like to go for a walk late evening because Christmas includes a lot of eating. And if there is snow, we go sledding with family. This year I will spend Christmas with my family. At the same time, I will also recover from my one-month trip in Argentina, said Sanna Hömmö.
DYNASET Marketing Intern Sanna Hömmö at the office.
DYNASET Marketing Intern Sanna Hömmö spends her Christmas with her family.
  • Traditionally, my girlfriend and I have spent Christmas with our families, and this year isn’t an exception. We eat a lot during Christmas, but I cannot really say which one of the foods is my favorite. They all are good. This particular year is special because this Christmas will be the first for my two-month-old baby, Markus said.
DYNASET Production worker Markus Hällilä working at the factory.
DYNASET Production worker Markus Hällilä was surprised at DYNASET Factory for making RPM cartridges. Maybe he works for Santa?

And what are their holiday wishes?

  • Relax and have a merry Christmas, Sanna summarized.
  • Merry Christmas to Everyone, ended Markus.

PS. Both of the interviewees prefer ham to the other mentioned options.