Dynaset Accessories Lists Are Growing

We have a huge number of different accessories for our products. For example, our high-pressure water category has accessories varying from water heaters to sandblasting kits. There are two ideas behind the wide accessories’ lists. Firstly, the wide accessories list makes more and more applications possible with one investment to our customers. For example, the wide range of accessories makes many different tasks possible for the user of the KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit. Secondly, some of the accessories make the installation or usage even easier for the user. We are adding new products to the accessories lists all the time. And in this article, we will talk more about two brand new accessories and one older but important accessory.

DYNASET High Pressure Street Washing Unit with DYNASET WHU Water Heating Unit
Dynaset accessories lists are growing all the time. These accessories open up more possibilities to main products. This DYNASET KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit is complemented with WHU Water Heating Unit so the users of it can use hot water for power washing.

Adapter Plate Kit for DYNASET HMAG Pro Hydraulic Magnets

First, we take a look at adapter plate kits for our magnets. The idea of the adapter plate kits is to offer an easier way to attach a quick coupler onto our magnets. This accessory is available in three different sizes to fit our three different magnet models (HMAG700 HMAG900 and HMAG1200). All three sizes of the plate include weldable and boltable versions of the kit. At the moment, it is possible to order for example Steelwrist quick couplers through us. These couplers are also compatible with Oil Quick -quick couplers. Also, other quick coupler models can be requested directly through our sales so you will get a ready-to-go magnet if you choose so.

The boltable versions of the adapter plate kits have many different bolt patterns in one plate for the quick coupler attaching. The standard set of attaching points is designed so that quick couplers are easily attached to the plate.

DYNASET Adapter plate kit for magnets and its designer Atte Karppinen
The designer of the plate, Atte Karppinen, shows the bolt patterns of the adapter plate kit. This adapter plate is the boltable version and the weldable version is a solid plate. It also has a non-painted area in middle, and Atte is showing the width of that area.

The weldable version doesn’t have the possibility to bolt a quick coupler to it directly. As the name indicates, the chosen quick coupler is welded to this plate directly. So, you can order the adapter plate and weld the quick coupler to it by yourself, or our mechanics can do it at our factory. The weldable plates have a non-painted area for the adaptor.

Adapter plate kit installation in DYNASET Factory
One of the firsts. This weldable adapter plate is having a final touch from our mechanics before shipment. In this case, we welded the quick coupler to the plate at our factory so the owner of it can start working right away.

Cyclone Intake filters for DYNASET HKR Hydraulic Screw compressors

The second newcomer of accessories is in the compressed air category. Our HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressors got a new cyclone intake filter kit to their accessories list. These filter kits are available for all our HKR models. There are five different sizes of filter kits available to meet the requirements of the compressors. If the cyclone filter kit is installed to HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor, it will replace the original intake filter of the compressor.

DYNASET Compressor cyclone intake filter kit
The newcomer of DYNASET Accessories is the DYNASET Cyclone Intake Filter Kit. It includes (from the left) the intake filter adapter that is installed to the HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor, intake filter, and mounting bracket. An intake hose is sold separately.

There are a bunch of benefits that come hand in hand with the new intake filter. First of all, with the cyclone intake filter kit, the compressor does not require that much space above the unit. Secondly, when the cyclone filter can be installed in a place where the maintenance of it is easier compared to the positioning of the standard filter. The nominal maximum length of the intake hose is three meters which makes the positioning of it much more versatile than with the original intake filter. The intake hose is reinforced so it stays in its original form during the intake action. Thirdly, cyclone filters are better for extremely dusty places.

DYNASET Add-on Valves Makes DYNASET Hydraulic Equipment Even Easier to Install

Great accessories for DYNASET hydraulic equipment can be found in our add-on valve series. These valves are designed to make the installation of hydraulic equipment easier. These valves are integrated onto the piece of DYNASET hydraulic equipment’s hydraulic block so you can just attach the hydraulic hoses to the add-on valve, and you are good to go. The add-on valves are designed by our engineers, the suitability with DYNASET products that has a D3007-type block is perfect.

Add-on valve from DYNASET Accessories list that is installed onto DYNASET HG Hydraulic Compressor
Add-on valves are installed directly to the piece of DYNASET hydraulic equipment. In this case, the valve is installed onto HG Hydraulic Generator. These valves are important DYNASET Accessories because, with these valves, the installation of a piece of hydraulic equipment is even easier.

The add-on valve series includes three different valves. The series includes a valve that works as a switch for the piece of hydraulic equipment. This valve is equipped with a solenoid so it can be electrically controlled. It also has a load-sensing line connector and a flow limiter.

The second version of the add-on valves is a valve that is used especially in hydraulic systems with fixed-placement hydraulic pumps because the valve can be used as an unloading circuit. With this valve, it is possible to bypass the piece of hydraulic equipment and direct the hydraulic oil flow to another place like to another piece of equipment.

The third add-on valve is a pressure relief valve that can be coupled with DYNASET products that have an RPM-control cartridge. This pressure relief valve is attached to the piece of equipment’s DYNASET RPM-control cartridge.

This article has first appeared in a customer magazine published in January 2021.