Disinfection Equipment Enables Fast and Efficient Disinfection!

It was the first days of last April when Dynaset’s CEO Reijo Karppinen got a customer inquiry that asked could they use a DYNASET KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit as disinfection equipment. Why not, actually it would be a super-fast way to disinfect large areas. The same kind of inquiries started to flow into the Dynaset office from around the world because of the COVID-19 situation. The discovery of the new application could also be seen on the production line where the assembling of the unit’s pumps happens. More demand for pumps means more pumps to assemble.  

Dynaset KPL Unit as a Disinfection Equipment

The new application was quite simple to make possible from Dynaset’s point of view. One of the main components of a KPL Unit, an HPW pump, is made from such materials that it can handle disinfectants without problems.

“As a rule of thumb, fluid can be pumped with our pumps if it can be stored in plastic containers. Just run some water through the system as after-use maintenance” tells Reijo Karppinen, CEO of Dynaset.  

So, the DYNASET KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit and HPW Hydraulic Power Washers can be used as pro-level disinfectant spreaders. In the best scenario, the disinfection equipment allows workers disinfect surfaces and areas without leaving the cabin of the machine.

Professional Disinfection equipment can carry ready-to-use disinfection fluid
The disinfectant concentrate can be added directly to the container of the KPL Unit. Just measure the right dose of the concentrate, add fresh water to the container, and your disinfectant fluid is ready for use. This makes KPL a handy piece of disinfection equipment.

Disinfection equipment for professional disinfection

Standard models can be used for disinfection by using the right nozzles and flow rate. The KPL Unit is a great tool for disinfectant spreading in large and public spaces, like in entryways of metros, at marketplaces, in front of the public buildings, and at sports arenas. The power washing pistol, which is standard equipment of the KPL Unit, is a useful tool if you need to wash park benches and railings. Schoolyards and playgrounds are also possible to disinfect super-fast with the KPL unit.

Power Washer as a disinfection tool
The flow of the power washer of the unit can be adjusted by adjusting the hydraulic oil flow of the pump. Another option is to swap the nozzle of the washing gun. This makes the power washing pistol a perfect disinfection tool. The same tricks work for the unit’s washing boom also.

Large halls, like airport terminals, are possible to wash with the same unit. For this purpose, the carrier machine has to be suitable for indoor usage. Using the KPL unit as a disinfection unit, the disinfection can be done much faster compared to the disinfection that is done with a backpack sprayer.

For example, the KPL Unit XL-version’s container can hold up to 1080 liters of disinfection fluid. For instance, compared to a 20-liter backpack sprayer, the unit has 54-times more disinfectant that is ready to use. This means that the user does not have to refill the container all the time.

In addition to this, the unit’s standard 20-meter long high-pressure hose can be extended with a high-pressure extension hose. This makes the disinfection working area larger and the user has to move the carrier machine even less. We have also provided a vertical washing boom so if there is, for example, a long railing near the sidewalk that has to be disinfected, this accessory can do the trick.

Public spaces can be disinfected with KPL unit
The KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit can be used for disinfection applications. The unit is perfect for disinfecting marketplaces for example. The unit is made from materials that can handle most common disinfectants.

Versatility Is the Key

The strength of the KPL unit is its versatility. You can use the same unit for street cleaning, more accuracy demanding power washing tasks, and for disinfection for example. The unit is easy to bring next to the wash-needing object and accomplish the washing or disinfection task in no time. A wide range of accessories makes even drainpipe cleaning possible. This drainpipe cleaning application is easy to make possible. Just plug an extension hose to the KPL’s high-pressure hose and equip the other end with a pipe cleaning nozzle. These nozzles are designed that way that the water flow makes them go forward inside the pipe.

Watch the video about KPL Unit in disinfection usage!

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