Greetings from the new DYNASET CEO

The new year also brings new winds to our organization, and I am delighted and honored to continue as CEO of our family business, following in the footsteps of my father, Reijo Karppinen. Reijo has done valuable work for almost four decades to bring Dynaset to its current point and now deserves an enduro ride toward retirement – but no need to worry, as many of you will guess, we will still see him at the factory and industry events. Reijo will also continue as Chairman of the Board of DYNASET Oy. Together with the DYNASET Team, we would like to thank Reijo for the past years.

DYNASET as a company or its operational leadership is no new to me – the last few years as our company’s Executive Vice President. A total of fifteen years in the company have prepared me well for this moment. I strongly subscribe to our values; a customer-oriented approach, courage, teamwork, and DYNASET technology which will guide our journey toward a better world of machinery. I aim to take the lessons from the journey already traveled, combine them with new ones, and, with our team, continue developing our operations and offerings to serve you better in whatever industry you work in. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s best about Dynaset today and where we could be even better – open feedback will help us to become a better partner for you.

I see a very bright future for Dynaset, with years of continuous development of our operations and product offering enabling agile but high-quality functions in the changing situations that the future market will certainly offer. Our strong desire to build genuine, long-lasting partnerships and offer the best solutions on the market at competitive prices ensures our customers a place in the vanguard now and in the future.

DYNASET CEO Anni Karppinen
Anni Karppinen started as a new DYNASET CEO at the beginning of 2023.