DYNASET HMG PRO Hydraulic Magnet Generator converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into DC electricity to power a lifting magnet. Dynaset offers a wide selection of standard models in power range of 3 kW-40 kW and the world’s fastest demagnetization time 0.8 of a second!

Magnet generators can be equipped with DSMART control. It’s a mobile application which allows users to adjust the magnet generators and monitor their performance. DSMART provides data of the magnet generator usage. Watch the video about DSMART below!


Can be installed anywhere on the machine because it operates with a compact hydraulic motor instead of a belt drive

Perfect power source for any lifting magnet

The world’s best power-to-size ratio

DSMART as an option to monitor and adjust the magnet generator 

The world’s best demagnetizing time 0.8 of a second

Two-year or 2000-hour warranty


Powering lifting magnets

Collecting scrap metal from demolition and construction sites

Ferrous material handling

Metal separation

Loading and unloading trucks, trains and vessels

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