How Professionals Use the Hydraulic Power Washers?

Many of us have washed a car or yard with a power washer but how power washers can be used in a professional way? How might the maintenance experts use a professional power washer on a daily basis?

It is not a surprise that this ultimate way to wash things is familiar among experts also. Power washing is an easy way to wash surfaces like patios, public marketplaces, parking lots, and yard pavements. Especially surfaces that have narrow holes and other tight channels are excellent places to use the power washer.  For example, the channel drainages of the yards are easy to wash with the power washer. Pressurized water flushes the surface pores and clears leaves and dirt from drainage channels. As a result, rainwater flows better in the emptied drainage.

Another excellent application for this kind of washing is tramway rails in the cities and at places where a railroad crosses a road. In the video, you can see how tramways in Tampere, Finland are cleaned with a hydraulic power washer by maintenance professionals.

They do the job with a modified DYNASET KPL R unit that is installed on the boom of an excavator. As you can see in the video, this excavator is equipped with train wheels so it can drive on the rails. The unit’s washing pistol is a perfect tool to clean the narrow grooves of the rails and railway switches.

These switches have some narrow gaps and they require lubrication to function as intended. As a result, they may work like a magnet to dirt. This excavator’s KPL Unit is equipped with DYNASET WHU Water Heating Unit so workers can use hot water for washing the oiliest stains and dirt. This is an extremely powerful way to clean the switches of the tramways.

But what if the used lubrication is resistant to power washing that uses only water? If this is the case, the KPL unit can be equipped with a pump that can handle many different chemicals. This means it can be used with water that contains a grease removal agent.

The video below shows great ways to benefit from the onboard hydraulic power washer. The hydraulic power washer is a real pro power washer because of its power-to-size ratio! This piece of equipment, which is approximately the same size as a six-pack, can provide pressure to professional power washing applications.

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