HPW-DUST at Mines and Quarries – Pro-Level Dust Control

HPW-DUST High Pressure Dust Suppression System’s beauty lies in its simple idea. High pressure atomized water mist binds dust while the water consumption is at the optimal level. The optimal consumption keeps the costs of dust suppression as cheap as possible, and it also means that worksites don’t turn into muddy fields. In other words, this dust suppression system doesn’t substitute dust emission with another problem.

Dust suppression and control systems can be widely used at mines and quarries to cut down dust emissions. It is important because no one wants dust particles to end up inside their bodies or to spread all around the environment. These are important aspects especially when operated near residential areas. End-users of DYNASET HPW-DUST High Pressure Dust Suppression Systems have been really satisfied with the results because the atomized water is very effective against dust pollution, but it doesn’t wet the whole worksite. Here are two examples of high-pressure dust suppression systems.

Drilling Rig with HPW-DUST

The beast in the photo below is a drilling rig that is used in mining in China, and it is equipped with DYNASET HPW-DUST. The black spots behind the drill head are the nozzles of the system which can be seen in the first photo. This system is designed to create a mist curtain around the drill head to suppress dust emissions that are born while drilling.

Mining drilling rig equipped with a dust control that is carried out with DYNASET HPW-DUST High Pressure Dust Suppression System
Black spots behind the drill head are nozzles of the drill rig’s dust suppression system. This drilling rig is used in China and such machines are used widely around the world in mining.
Mist curtain is created around the tool with a dust control system called DYNASET HPW-DUST.
The dust control of the drill rig is carried out with HPW-DUST that creates a mist curtain around the drill head which suppresses the dust effectively and keeps the air quality at a better level while drilling. The fact that the dust control suppresses the dust effectively helps also the operator to see while drilling because the air is not filled with dust particles.

Crusher with HPW-DUST

Crushers’ dust emissions can be easily controlled with DYNASET HPW-DUST with minimum water consumption. Like in the photo below, dust suppression nozzles can be targeted accurately so the dust suppression doesn’t wet all material that goes through the machine. In this particular case, dust control is targeted to suppress dust that born when the material is falling to the conveyor.

Dust-suppression nozzles can be installed for all spots of a machine where the dust emissions are born.

Crusher that is equipped with DYNASET HPW-DUST dust control system.
This crusher is equipped with DYNASET HPW-DUST High Pressure Dust Suppression System which controls dust emissions effectively in the place where the emissions are born. Nozzles can be installed to any spot which are releasing dust emissions.