Goodbye Diesel Generator! HWG Hydraulic Welding Generator Brings High-Quality Power to the Worksite

DYNASET HWG Hydraulic Welding Generator is a compact, all-in-one unit that integrates into a work machine or vehicle to provide high-quality power for welding and electrical equipment. Powered by a quiet hydraulic motor, the welding generator utilizes the work machine’s hydraulic system as a power source, leaving diesel generators behind.

The welding generator is designed for convenience and versatility. Eight standard models offer a range of welding current from 180 to 400 A and auxiliary AC power from 6 kVA to 10 kVA. This always-ready device can be easily installed in any hydraulic system, even in small spaces. And the best part? It doesn’t require an additional engine or a separate fuel tank. Automatic welding current and voltage regulation simplify your workflow.


Welding Capability Always With You

The HWG Hydraulic Welding Generator is an efficient choice for various welding tasks. The unit can be mounted on a service truck or forestry machine, for example, bringing welding to more remote sites such as a mine or logging area. In addition, it provides power for electrical tools, lights, coolers, submersible pumps, or 1- and 3-phase motors, making it a versatile companion for all your power needs.


3 or 5 pin sockets as standard

High quality coil parts

Compact size and light weight

Easy installation on all hydraulic systems

Time, space and resources saving technology

Two-year or 2000 hour warranty


All kind of welding

Powering electric tools, lights, heaters etc.

Powering submersible pumps

Powering 1- and 3-phase motors