Is this the most international meeting in the whole Finland?

Last week, Dynaset organized the DYNASET Dealer Meeting 2024 in Tampere, Finland. The meeting brought together over 70 dealers from 32 countries to connect with colleagues from around the world. Held between January 25th and 27th, this was the 15th meeting in the company’s history and its largest to date.

The meeting schedule included a variety of training sessions and casual activities. On Thursday, dealers delved into the world of hydraulics as Dynaset experts presented each product category to the dealer audience. On Friday, the official program featured discussion groups, workshops, and frequently asked questions. Additionally, dealers were given the opportunity to meet with Dynaset engineers and members of the management team.

Lecture about DYNASET Products.
Thursday and Friday included many different lectures and workshops about DYNASET Products.

For those seeking a more casual experience, the meeting offered several options. On Thursday, there was a chance to enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna at the Sauna restaurant Kuuma in the heart of Tampere. Approximately 20 dealers worldwide took the plunge and tried the sauna, followed by a refreshing swim in the Tammerkoski River. Despite the frigid -5 °C weather, many attendees were eager to experience the Finnish sauna tradition.

On Friday evening, the traditional Dealer Dinner was held at Tampella Restaurant. During the dinner, Dynaset founder Reijo Karppinen delivered a speech to the dealer audience, reflecting on the company’s journey and its achievements.

Reijo Karppinen giving a speech.
Reijo Karppinen, the founder of DYNASET, held a speech to the dealer audience at Tampella Restaurant. “Back then, consults told me that there is no market for hydraulic equipment, recalled Reijo Karppinen in his speech”. Well, how wrong were they!

Saturday was designated as the “DYNASET Experience and Expo Day”. The morning began with a guided hike on the frozen Näsijärvi Lake, where a local guide shared insights into the surrounding area’s history. The hike culminated in a group lunch at Tampereen Kylpylä.

Snow angel.
Finnish winter was something new and unique to many quests. During a small hike, one even wanted to make a snow angel in fresh snow.

To introduce attendees to Finnish cuisine, the lunch menu featured fried vendaces, a traditional fish dish. A quick poll revealed that the dish was well-received by the international audience. Jyri Hartikainen, Marketing Manager and project manager for the dealer meeting expressed his delight at the positive response, as he hails from Eastern Finland, where vendaces are a staple food.

The afternoon’s highlight was the expo, which transformed the Dynaset Factory at Menotie 3 in Ylöjärvi into a showcase of hydraulic technology. The factory yard and front entrance were filled with demonstrations of Dynaset’s latest products, including the HMAG Pro Hydraulic Magnet with DSmart functionality, the HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket, and the HVB Hydraulic Vibra Pump in a wheel loader. Three Dynaset Service vehicles were also on display.

HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket was shown in action to dealers. As a unique product, it got much attention.

Dynaset even set up a street washing arena within the factory, allowing dealers to witness the SCU Surface Cleaning Unit in action. The variety of demos provided a comprehensive overview of Dynaset’s extensive product portfolio.

SCU Surface Cleaning Unit in action.
Dynaset organized a street washing arena into DYNASET Factory so dealers could se SCU Surface Cleaning Unit in action.

At 4:00 PM, CEO Anni Karppinen presented each attending company with a DYNASET Dealer Meeting 2024 certificate. In her closing remarks, Karppinen expressed her gratitude to the attendees from around the world, as well as to the entire team that made this exceptional event a reality.

The DYNASET Dealer Meeting 2024 was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse group of dealers from around the world to learn, connect, and celebrate the company’s achievements. The event showcased Dynaset’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing its customers with the best possible solutions.

Group photo of dealer meeting team
Dealer Meeting 2024 was a huge success!