NEW HD Installation Valve Models for 450 Bar Applications!

Dynaset, renowned for producing the world’s best hydraulic generators, high-pressure water pumps, air compressors, and more, is committed to ensuring compatibility and optimal performance for its products. To achieve this, Dynaset offers a comprehensive line of Installation Valves designed for seamless integration into any hydraulic system. These valves provide precise control over hydraulic oil pressure and flow, guaranteeing optimal performance in any application.

As the modern machine industry operates with increasing pressure levels, Dynaset has updated its valve selection to accommodate these higher operating pressures. The popular Load Sensing Valves (LSV) and Solenoid Valves now feature new HD “Heavy-Duty” models with a higher-pressure category of 450 bar, meeting the industry’s demands for more robust applications. The HD models are recognizable from their black surface colour.


LSV Valves: Load Sensing for Precise Flow Control 

The Load Sensing Valve (LSV) plays a crucial role in managing hydraulic oil flow by intelligently regulating the amount of oil directed towards the connected equipment based on its real-time needs and integrating a pressure limiter to safeguard against pressure spikes. DYNASET LSV load sensing valves enable easy and reliable installation of a DYNASET product into any hydraulic system, allowing simultaneous operation with other hydraulic equipment installed in the base machine’s hydraulic system.

The LSV valve ensures prioritized and non-fluctuating hydraulic flow to your unit and is designed to work in conjunction with hydraulic pump control. Available in both standard and HD versions, the standard LSV is suitable for applications up to 350 bar (5,076 psi), while the HD version is designed for applications up to 450 bar (6,527 psi).

Building upon the success of their existing LSV line, Dynaset introduces two new HD “heavy-duty” models – the LSV90HD and the LSV200HD. 

  • New pressure category of 450 bar
  • The LSV90HD expands the existing LSV40 and LSV60 product line, catering to applications demanding a higher flow capacity.
  • Both HD models, LSV90HD and LSV200HD, include:
    • ON/OFF electric valve for precise control
    • Flow limiter for customized flow regulation (LSV90HD: 14-88 lpm; LSV200HD: 90-200 lpm)
    • Pressure relief valve for safeguarding the equipment (30-420 bar)
    • Improved pressure drops in the new LSV200HD model, ensuring efficient operation.
    • Nitriding treatment for enhanced durability against corrosion and wear.
New LSV200 HD Model
New LSV90 HD Model

SV Valves: Solenoid Control for Electrical Activation 

The Solenoid Valve (SV) empowers operators with electrical control over their connected hydraulic equipment, making hydraulic oil flow electrically controllable. SV solenoid valves enable easy and reliable start/stop control of DYNASET devices on any base machine, allowing operators to control the base machine normally from the cabin while switching hydraulic flow and pressure to DYNASET units.  Available in 12 or 24 VDC models, SV Solenoid Valves come in standard and HD versions. The standard version is suitable for applications up to 350 bar (5,076 psi), while the HD version is designed for applications up to 450 bar (6,527 psi).

Dynaset further expands its offering with the introduction of HD “heavy-duty” versions of the Solenoid Valves – the SV70HD and SV150HD models. 

  • Utilizing the same existing cavity, these models feature an updated on/off cartridge compatible with both 12V and 24V electrical systems.

With this comprehensive update to its Installation Valve range, Dynaset reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the modern machine industry. These enhancements not only ensure seamless integration into a wide variety of hydraulic systems but also offer unparalleled precision and reliability in controlling hydraulic oil pressure and flow. The introduction of the new HD “Heavy-Duty” models, capable of handling up to 450 bar, demonstrates Dynaset’s proactive approach to meeting the evolving needs of its customers. By continuously innovating and improving its product offerings, Dynaset solidifies its position as a leader in the hydraulic equipment market, dedicated to delivering exceptional performance and value.