Riding the Wave of North American Maritime Growth

North America’s maritime industries are surging, driven by ambitious shipbuilding, offshore wind, and port infrastructure initiatives. Dynaset, a leading Finnish manufacturer of hydraulic generators, high-pressure water pumps, and compressors, is at the forefront, joining the official Team Finland delegation to meet key shipyard companies in the US. Dynaset isn’t just attending – they’re committed to collaborating with North American businesses, offering unique solutions specifically designed to tackle challenges and unlock the immense potential of this dynamic sector.

Shipyard operations also benefit from Dynaset technology.

Optimizing Offshore and Subsea Operations: Reliability When It Matters Most

Dynaset products make a difference in various offshore and subsea applications. As in all industries, having proper, powerful equipment makes working easier. For example, the HPW Hydraulic High Pressure Water Pumpe tackles diverse cleaning tasks on vessels, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. With Dynaset’s pumps, even power washing beneath the sea level is possible. Pneumatic tools powered by Dynaset’s compressors enhance efficiency, while powerful submersible pumps easily handle various water-pumping tasks. As the new HSP Hydraulic Submersible Pump models are even more reliable, they fit perfectly into the most challenging environments, and their volume tackles even the most harsh tasks. Regarding the generator side, HG Hydraulic Generators provide reliable backup power onboard vessels.

  • In these environments, reliability is the key. Especially in the case of vessels, you have to be able to trust your equipment, said DYNASET Area Sales Manager Janne Hietamäki.
Group photo of Dynaset customers and Janne Hietamäki in front of a tank truck.
Andersen Asphalt is one of Dynaset’s customers in the United States. As Dynaset wishes to gain more customers from the States, local expertise and contacts are extremely important.

Dynaset’s resilience shines, especially in demanding environments. Products like water pumps have proven their reliability for years in Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), even withstanding harsh underwater conditions. Their robust design and durable materials guarantee exceptional performance and longevity. From underwater tasks with magnets to high-pressure testing applications, Dynaset solutions offer exceptional performance and reliability. ATEX-rated options cater to hazardous environments, ensuring safety and compliance.

Transforming Shipyard Efficiency: Boosting Productivity and Minimizing Downtime

HAC Hydraulic abrasive cutting system
Dynaset brought a cold-cutting system to the market in 2023. One HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System is used for underwater cutting tasks, and the unit was installed on a trailer. The case is an excellent example of the versatility of Dynaset equipment.

Within shipyards, Dynaset optimizes daily maintenance tasks. Their power washing equipment ranges from manual units to sophisticated options like KPL High Pressure Street Washing Units and SCU Surface Cleaning Units. These handle everything from delicate cleaning to large-scale operations, with models like SCU even collecting dirty water for responsible indoor use.

As part of the delegate visit, Janne and Jukka will visit Davie Shipyard in Canada. Davie is Canada’s largest shipbuilder and has a direct link to Finland, as it bought Finland Helsinki Shipyard Oy.

  • Davie Shipyard will be nice to see. Their customer base is versatile, including fishing vessels, semi-submersible drilling rigs, and even Coast Guard, and our products are helpful in each of their customer vessel types. I’m thrilled to see them in real life, said DYNASET Area Sales Manager Janne Hietamäki.
Dynaset service vehicle.
A well-equipped service vehicle is the best friend of the maintenance worker. Dynaset equipment makes it possible to have all you need with you, even with a service van. This Mercedes-Benz was equipped with HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor and HG Hydraulic Generator.

In addition to the onboard applications, Dynaset equipment empowers service vehicles to function as mobile workshops with high-pressure water, compressed air, and electricity available anywhere within the shipyard vessel repairing and such projects easier. This maximizes flexibility and efficiency, significantly reducing downtime by eliminating the need to transport parts for repair. Imagine the impact: maintenance completed on-site, vessels operational faster, and shipyard productivity soaring.

Familiar products, numerous possibilities

Offshore and subsea industries have been using Dynaset products for years, and now these wonderful pieces of equipment are introduced even to the biggest companies in the field.

  • Personally, I see big potential for DYNASET Products in the shipyard environment so it is great to meet the actual company representatives that could be hard in with the conventional sales tools, said DYNASET Area Sales Manager Jukka Huuhtanen.