Wouldn’t It Be Great to Be Able to Work More Easily?

Working can be challenging, even in an urban environment. You would think that every known commodity is easily accessible in cities. Sometimes that is the case but those who have to face the reality tend to think differently.

Sometimes machine operators and other workers have to do extra effort to find commodities which we take for granted. Here is an example that sometimes causes hassle.

Acquiring Electricity

Sometimes, excavator operators, other mobile machine or vehicle operators need electricity for tools such as angle grinders, welders, drills, submersible pumps or lights. Quite often powerful tools require electricity. Despite the fact that cities are full of electricity, it is not always easy to get it when you need it.

You have to go the extra mile for knocking doors and ask for it. Perhaps no one is at home. You would also need extension cords if someone is kind enough to provide the outlet. Maybe you’ll need to transport a diesel generator to the worksite which takes extra effort, time, costs, not to mention maintenance. If you happen to have a service vehicle, a diesel generator will take a lot of valuable space. Wouldn’t it be great to have this space for something else such as tools?

Some might think battery-operated tools or inverters as an option. However, everyone who has worked with these tools knows that those do not provide enough power. Hard workers need powerful tools. Are there better alternatives?

Isn’t there a better way?

The answer is yes, there is. Hydraulic Generators are compact, light-weight, and provide plenty of power. They convert the hydraulic power of a machine, vehicle, or vessel into high-quality electricity for all AC-powered tools. Hydraulic generators can be installed on all machines such as excavators, loaders, trucks, vans, or even aerial working platforms. They are always on-board.

Hydraulic generators are extremely compact. They can be fitted into a small space, even in a toolbox of a mobile machine or vehicle. You can save a lot of space from a service vehicle since a hydraulic generator can be up to 95% smaller than an equivalent diesel generator.

Another great thing is that the hydraulic generators are maintenance-free equipment. You are free from changing oil and filters. You don’t even have to refuel it since it is powered by the hydraulics of your machine. Isn’t that convenient?

How much power do they generate? I’m glad that you asked. For example, DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generators’ output power range is 3.5 kVA – 350 kVA depending on a model.

Do you want to dive deeper? There are plenty of solutions you might not have heard about. We made a simple list for you. Take a peek.

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