Effective Firefighting with DYNASET FP Firefighting Piercing Kit

DYNASET FP Firefighting Piercing Kit extinguishes fire by piercing structures
sharply and effectively spraying high-pressure water mist to the target to
suppress and cool down the fire without significant water damages. It takes only a few seconds to move the piercing kit to another location and pierce a new hole
when the fire is flaming in several compartmented structures. Because of the
modern technology for added safety, there is no need for firefighters to
enter a flaming building by breaking doors, windows or rooftops.

DYNASET HPW FIRE High Pressure Fire Fighting FP web

Firefighting Piercing Kit pierces quickly medium weight windows, lightweight walls, floors, and rooftops. It makes a hole, only the size of its diameter (43mm = 1.7”), to the structure preventing access of supplementary oxygen to the structure [and complete combustion phase] when breaking doors or windows.
Since the Dynaset FP is through the structure, it immediately begins to produce high-pressure water mist diffusing over a large area and suppressing the fire. The atomized water mist absorbs heat from the fire and cools down the combustion chamber effectively.

There are often massive water damages after the fire has been extinguished with low pressure water. The damages are considerably less when extinguishing with high-pressure water mist. As a result of low water consumption, firefighting with Dynaset FP is also very effective and rapid in destinations where it is difficult to drive tank trucks. It’s possible to install Dynaset FP even to ATV’s and motorcycles for firefighting in tight places.

Dynaset FP’s piercing cylinder works with water hydraulics. The complete unit includes a piercing tool, a high-pressure water pump powered by hydraulics and a control unit. The unit can be installed on aerial ladders, platform lifts, ladder trucks and boom of a crane. Even with high apartment buildings and skyscrapers, firefighting can be done from the ground when equipped with a remote control and a camera. The piercing tool is targeted by hydraulic cylinders and manual control works vertically and horizontally. The nozzle head is made of hardened stainless steel and it is shockproof when piercing various materials. It’s possible to equip the nozzle head extensive, extended, or complex nozzle in proportion to power of high-pressure water pump (30-180 l/ min). Nozzle head is convertible to low-pressure nozzle head capacity of 250 l/min for traditional spraying as well.