Here you can find the events we are participating in or organizing. Check out the list of trade shows, dealer meetings, webinars, etc.

Upcoming Trade Shows

  • Made in Finland -konekiertue 16.9. –2.10.2021!
  • FOREXPO 2021 22.9.-24.9.2021
    Mimizan, France
    Stand: 9
  • Vertikal Days 2021 22.9.-23.9.2021
    Donington Park, United Kingdom
    Stand: MP1
  • RWM 2021 22.9.-23.9.2021
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Stand: 5-N90
  • The Utility Expo 28.9.-30.9.2021
    Louisville (KY), United States
    Stand: B-1004
  • Mining Metals Central Asia 2021 29.9.-1.10.2021
    Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Stand: Hall 9
  • Nufam 30.9.-3.10.2021
    Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Made in Finland -konekiertue (DYNASETin päivä) 2.10.2021
    Lempäälä, Finland (Real Machinery)
  • POLLUTEC 2021 12.10.-15.10.2021
    Lyon, France
  • KoneAgria 2021 14.10.-16.10.2021
    Tampere, Finland
  • Entreprenad Live 2021 14.10.-16.10.2021
    Göteborg, Sweden
  • OTD 2021 20.10.-21.10.2021
    Stavanger, Norway
  • PTC ASIA 26.10.-29.10.2021
    Shanghai, China
  • APEX ASIA 2021 26.10.-29.10.2021
    Shanghai, China
  • Solutrans 2021 16.11.-20.11.2021
    Lyon, France
    Stand: Hall 2
  • The Mining Show 2021 16.11.-17.11.2021
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • BICES 2021 17.11.-20.11.2021
    Beijing, China
  • Mining Indonesia 2021 17.11.-20.11.2021
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Stand: 1011
  • Oil & Gas Thailand 24.11.-26.11.2021
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Stand: 21

Upcoming Webinars (click the link to sign up)

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