A Mini Excavator Equipped with HVB Hydraulic Vibra for the Church of Hollola

DYNASET HVB Hydraulic Vibra for Excavator

The church of Hollola bought a new, under four-ton Hitachi ZX33U which was equipped with Dynaset HVB Hydraulic Vibra and Engcon EC204 tilt rotator attachment.

The hydraulic vibra is their first. The church gardener Kari Sinisalo got the idea for purchasing the hydraulic vibra.

“The primary idea was to enhance digging when the ground is frozen. Ground thawing is often used with the frosty ground but the hydraulic vibra speeds up the work and allows to dig even more. A ripper is handy for the frosty corners of the grave pits. If there is only one machine operator working, the hydraulic vibra facilitates working”, says Sinisalo

The hydraulic vibra helps digging when there are thick roots in the ground. The tracks won’t damage the lawn when there is no need for using the machine’s weight to increase power for the bucket. The vibra also provides an easy method to compact the bottom of the graves. Additionally, vibration removes the clay soil from the bucket with ease.

Flexibility with HVB Hydraulic Vibra

Their Hitachi 33U joystick includes buttons and rollers. Dynaset HVB Hydraulic Vibra is activated from a button on the right joystick and its frequency is adjusted linearly from a roller on the left joystick. This way they get full power for the screening bucket and less power for compacting when patching the lawn.

“We use our machinery for almost fifteen years until renewing them which allows us to fully equip them when purchased. Subsequently, we don’t fall behind as working methods evolve”, Sinisalo explains.

Easy Installation

Dynaset installed the HVB Hydraulic Vibra in Dynaset’s dealer Rotator, Pirkkala. The product included the vibra pump, hydraulic hoses and valves which linearly adjust the frequency of vibration. The vibration functions are programmed to a button and a roller of excavator’s joysticks. In this case, the power of the hydraulic vibra is taken from the hammer line of Hitachi by using a valve. The valve is located on the other side of the boom where the vibra pump is installed. In addition to main components, the installation included five hoses, 12V cable and of course testing the equipment.

User Comments

The main user of the excavator is Markku Helander who has experience in various types of machinery.

“We have had the new excavator for a few weeks. The equipment plays a big role, especially during winter time. This excavator includes Engcon tilt rotator attachment and Dynaset HVB Hydraulic Vibra which make the working easier and faster, especially in challenging situtations,” Helander says.

“Grave pits’ dimensions must be accurate. When excavating through frosty ground and rootstock, all the facilitating methods are welcome. I have mostly used the Dynaset’s hydraulic vibra with the screening bucket, compacting soil and cutting the surface of the lawn. Linear adjustment of vibration, makes the HVB very useful. Hitachi 18,8 kW engine produces enough hydraulic power for the equipment,” Helander continues.Hydraulic Vibra Enhancing Excavation Providing Vibration for Screening BucketVibration is Activated and Adjusted from the JoystickThe Church of Hollola is Using the DYNASET HVB Hydraulic Vibra