Firefighting and Rescue with DYNASET

In a world where every second counts, the ability to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies is vital. The firefighting and rescue demand tools and equipment that go beyond the ordinary and Dynaset recognizes the need for innovative solutions to address the unique challenges faced by first responders. These sectors require solutions that have precision and purpose to enhance the capabilities of firefighting and rescue teams.  

In this post, we will go through individually the product selection catered to the firefighting and rescue industry. Whether you are a first responder, a firefighter, or simply someone interested in cutting-edge technology, you can explore the opportunities brought by the power of hydraulics. 

HPW-FIRE High Pressure Firefighting System for versatile firefighting 

One of Dynaset’s standout offerings is the HPW-FIRE High Pressure Firefighting System that offers you a wide range of different tools for combatting fires such as special nozzles, pumps, pressure intensifiers and flow multiplier. The HPW-Fire system seamlessly integrates with various vehicles and equipment, making it versatile for all types of firefighting and rescue missions. This system includes a powerful water pump capable of delivering high-pressure water, making it an indispensable tool in the battle against fires. What sets it apart is the remarkably small droplet size, which minimizes water damage while maximizing its firefighting effectiveness. The versatility of this system shines through its wide selection of nozzles: 

  • Piercing nozzles are the sharp-edged warriors that can penetrate doors and light walls, effectively cooling down spaces and rooms from the outside. With different versions for attack and suppression, these nozzles are invaluable for first responders. 
  • The fog nozzle is a versatile option for tackling smaller fires and cooling down fumes in confined spaces. It creates a protective mist curtain that shields firefighters while dousing flames with tiny water droplets, making it ideal for situations like dumpster fires and suppressing fires in closed spaces. 
  • The basic nozzle harnesses high-pressure water to deliver a straight water jet for rapid extinguishing, with the small droplets aiding in fire suppression. 
  • For those situations that demand foam, the foam nozzle lets you spread high-quality extinguishing foam over a longer range, thanks to the high-pressure water delivery. 

This system enables firefighters to combat fires and cool down superheated gasses from safer vantage points, enhancing both their safety and effectiveness on the field. Moreover, the HPW-Fire system is environmentally conscious, maximizing resource utilization while minimizing water consumption. Read more here

HPW-FIRE product assortment
HPW-FIRE features products that cover special nozzles, pumps, pressure intensifiers, piercing tools, and a flow multiplier.

Firefighting foam spread with the foam nozzle
Demonstration of the foam nozzle.

FP Firefighting Piercing Kit for piercing power 

Imagine a hydraulic-powered firefighting spear capable of swiftly piercing through walls, windows, roofs, and doors. That’s what the FP Firefighting Piercing Kit offers. This remarkable tool creates an opening, through which high-pressure water mist is sprayed into the space behind it, effectively blocking the spread of fire. The FP can be installed on lifting cage that can be remotely operated to penetrate different materials from difficult to reach places. It is also invaluable for cooling down the room temperature and extinguishing fires to enable a safer entrance for firefighters. With its ease of use and adaptability, the FP Piercing Kit is an invaluable addition to any firefighting arsenal. Read more here

FP Firefighting Piercing Kit piercing through a window and emitting high-pressure water mist to extinguish a fire
FP Firefighting Piercing Kit can pierce through walls, windows, roofs, and doors to extinguish fires and cool down room temperatures. 

HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System for cutting edge firefighting 

Dynaset’s latest innovation for the firefighting industry is the HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System that offers a versatile and powerful solution for cold-cutting through a wide range of materials, such as steel, concrete, and composite materials. It uses the power of high-pressure water and abrasive sand to cut through fire doors, walls and ceilings to allow access for firefighters and extinguish fires behind a cover. This system allows for continuous use thanks to the patented valve technology. Dynaset also offers a foam accessory for spreading firefighting foam that enhances the system’s firefighting capabilities. This system empowers firefighters to efficiently access enclosed spaces during emergencies, enabling quicker rescues and more effective fire control. Moreover, the system’s ability to cut safely in fire-hazardous zones makes it an indispensable tool in sensitive environments.  Check out the HAC product introduction video here

Demonstration of HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System piercing through a metal fire door.
The HAC uses high-pressure water with abrasive sand to cut through fire doors, walls and other materials to extinguish fires.
The HAC cutting through a metal container
The HAC is suitable for firefighting operations such as extinguishing fires through walls. 

HSP Hydraulic Submersible Pumps for rapid water transfer 

HSP Hydraulic Submersible Pumps serve as a crucial link in the water supply chain, efficiently pumping water from lakes, rivers, and ditches. Due to the robust design, the pumps can tolerate mud and solid substance without clogging. With the output rates of up to 8500 liters per minute and lifting height of up to 50 meters, these pumps can fill tank trucks rapidly, making them an indispensable asset in emergency situations. Check out our product introduction video about the updated submersible pump line here

HSP3000 pumping lake water
The HSP3000 with the output of 3000 liters per minute is used to pump lake water.

HRU Hydraulic Rescue Unit for power on demand 

The HRU Hydraulic Rescue Unit, a hydraulic power unit, utilizes the vehicle’s power to operate hydraulic tools. Its compact size sets it apart from systems with separate combustion engines, making it an efficient addition to any rescue operation.  With its best power-to-size ration it can generate up to 800 bar pressure, which increases vehicles versatility and utilization rate. This also enables smaller machinery to use more demanding tools. Read more here

Picture of a fire truck
The HRU can generate up to 800 bar pressure for using hydraulic tools.


HG Hydraulic Generator for onboard electricity 

The HG Hydraulic Generator harnesses hydraulic power of a vehicle to generate electricity in the most demanding and remote firefighting situations. With the ability to install the generator anywhere on the fire engine, the HG ensures a reliable source of electricity, powering essential firefighting equipment and tools, such as lights, communication devices, and ventilation systems, even in the absence of a traditional power supply. Read how the HG Hydraulic Generator is used in fire trucks in India here

A fire truck in India equipped with Dynaset HG Hydraulic Generator
The HG Hydraulic Generator can be installed on a fire engine for supplying electricity for different tools. 

Dynaset’s selection also has other products that can be used in the field of rescue. For example, our HPW Hydraulic High Pressure Water Pumps can be used for to create mist curtains around fire engines to protect them. Our products can be seamlessly integrated into rescue and firefighting vehicles bringing efficiency to the operations. Additionally, the products optimal water consumption due to the small droplet size is an important benefit for the field.  

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