Installation-Ready PTO Kits for Cars, Vans, and Trucks

PTO, or hydraulic power take-off, is the heart of the hydraulic system. That’s because it enables the installation of a hydraulic pump in a vehicle. And the hydraulic pump converts the machine engine power to the hydraulic power needed to run DYNASET hydraulic equipment. While this blog post covers installation-ready PTO kits, more detailed information about hydraulic PTOs and hydraulic systems can be found by clicking this.

Installation of PTO is straightforward with the installation-ready PTO Kit. You get a 100 % compatible kit for your vehicle through us thanks to our cooperation with three PTO specialist companies. Two of them offer belt-driven PTOs and one is specialized in transmission PTOs. Long story short, belt-driven PTOs are possible to install basically any vehicle, and transmission PTO requires an SAE or DIN type attaching point on the gearbox. In this article, we look at these three PTO companies.

DewEze – Belt-Driven PTO Kits for American Vehicles

DewEze is a company, which is in the United States, that provides belt-driven PTOs for vehicles by American makers like Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet. So, if you have an American vehicle, you can find an installation-ready belt-driven PTO kit for it on the DewEze website. For searching for the right kit, they have made a find-a-kit tool to their website. All kits have their own installation manual that can be downloaded on the DewEze website.

Picture of the DewEze hydraulic PTO kit that is installed on the vehicle.
DewEze provides belt-driven installation-ready PTO kits that are designed for American vehicles. The installation of it is straightforward with the kit. In the picture, the hydraulic pump and the belt-wheel of it are in the middle of the picture. With carefully designed kits, the result of the installation is tidy and reliable. Picture credits: DewEze.

AEC-SRL – Belt Driven PTO Kits for European Vehicles

AEC-SRL is an Italian company that is specialized in belt-driven PTOs for vehicles of European makers like Iveco and Volkswagen. They have listed many different installation-ready PTO Kits with installation manuals on their website. In addition to these kits, the company also provides custom PTOs. In other words, they can create a kit for your vehicle if you can’t find your vehicle from their listing. The company has over 20-year experience of PTOs and this expertise is at your reach.

Installation-ready PTO kits from AEC-SRL
AEC-SRL is an Italian company that is specialized in belt-driven PTOs for vehicles of European makers like Iveco and Volkswagen. The PTO kit in the photo above is a kit for Volkswagen. Picture credits: AEC-SRL

Bezares – Transmission PTO Kits for Vehicles with Transmission PTO Option

Bezares’ headquarters is in Spain, and they are the third-largest aftermarket manufacturer of PTOs globally. The company is specialized in transmission PTOs, and they provide them to most commercial vehicle brands. Their PTO Finder tool can be used for finding the right PTO kit for your vehicle. For searching, you need to know the model of your gearbox.

Installation-ready transmission PTO kits from Bezares.
Bezares is the third-largest aftermarket manufacturer of PTOs globally. The company has specialized in transmission PTOs. The image above is a cross-section image of Bezares’ three-output PTO for Volvo. Picture credits: Bezares

As said in the DYNASET PTO Guide, the transmission PTO is often an optional feature when ordering a new vehicle. So, if you are going to buy a new vehicle, check that option if you are going to acquire PTO to it. Likewise, if you are going to acquire a used car, ask about the transmission PTO feature before buying the vehicle if you need one. If the vehicle lacks the transmission PTO feature, belt-driven PTO is an option because it can be installed basically on any vehicle. Our personnel will happily recommend you the best PTO solution and hydraulic equipment for your need.

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