New DYNASET Service Vehicle Exhibiting Hydraulic Equipment in Russia

Dynaset customized a new service vehicle for exhibiting hydraulic equipment in the Russian market. The new service vehicle will show how versatile and efficient tool a service van is when equipped with Dynaset products. The customers are getting a closer look at the hydraulic equipment in action for example at trade shows.

Dynaset Service Vehicle Gaz Russia

Hydraulic powered Dynaset equipment can be installed on all known commercial vehicles. In this case the service vehicle is Russian made van Gaz.

Power take-off from the engine

Dynaset equipment is powered by hydraulics. However, Gaz doesn’t have a hydraulic system available. Dynaset PTO allows the usage of hydraulic equipment. It securely takes power out from the van’s engine to a hydraulic pump which runs the hydraulic equipment.

Electricity for welding and tools

The service vehicle is equipped with Dynaset HWG180 Hydraulic Welding Generator which transforms hydraulic power into electricity for welding and power tools. It is the world’s lightest welder in its class. It can be used for welding steel constructions, wearing parts, repairing pipelines, etc. There is an auxiliary AC output available as well. HWG180 produces single and three-phase power at frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz depending on the customer’s requirements.

There is electricity always aboard and available at the worksite when using HG12 Hydraulic Generator. It produces high-quality electricity for powering tools, lights, heaters, coolers, one and two-phase motors, etc. It is a complete power station with overload protection and safety leakage. The new Blue Hydraulics model’s height has reduced compared to the old one.


  • HVO Hydraulic PTO
  • HMV Hydraulic Modular Valves
  • HWG Hydraulic Welding Generator
  • HG Hydraulic Generator
  • PPL High Pressure Pipe Cleaning Unit
  • HPW Hydraulic Power Washer
  • HK / HKL / HKR Hydraulic Compressor
Dynaset Service Vehicle Gaz Russia PPL demo

Pipe cleaning and power washing

There are different PPL High Pressure Pipe Cleaning Unit applications available for cleaning, de-clogging, de-icing, flushing, and purging of pipelines, drains, sewers, culvert etc. Self-propelled pulsating cleaning nozzle enables over 100m reach in horizontal pipes and over 5 stories in vertical drains. PPL includes HPW Hydraulic Power Washer with washing pistol.

Easy and safe to use

Working with hydraulic equipment is easy by using a remote control which allows operator to adjust RPM, using a hose reel, run equipment such as pipe cleaning unit and power washer.

The new HMV Modular Valve system helps with installations. The modules cut down the design and installation time and save money in part costs. Fewer pipes and hoses reduce break down risks.

Dynaset Service Vehicle Gaz Russia remote control