The New Generation Dust Suppression System

DYNASET HPW DUST High Pressure Dust Suppression System is the most
advanced technology for saving the environment from dust emissions. Using
dust suppression at demolition, mining, crushing, material handling,
recycling, waste management, quarrying, etc. work sites enhances work
efficiency and safety. It makes the air significantly clearer resulting in better
visibility and safer breathing. Even the taste and smell of the dust will be

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Any amount of dust will be easily removed by HPW DUST Dust Suppression System. The system can be used effectively in practically all machine-operated work, where dust emission is considerable. In urban areas, dust control is
essential to avoid the soiling of surroundings and dusty air. The greatest benefits of the dust suppression system are in extra dusty work
such as demolition, mining use. The system is especially designed to equip hydraulic crushers, pulverizers and hammers used on excavator based
demolition machines as well as to equip all other tools and machines involved in the handling of dust-emitting materials.

The industry uses old fashion solutions for dust suppression such as low pressure water irrigation systems and electrical charge suppression systems. The widely used low-pressure models consumes a great amount of water making the work site soiled and muddy, and electrical charge systems are usually very expensive, space hogging and complicated to use. Dynaset provides new efficient solutions
to replace old technology for better results. An effective dust particle binding, compact size and low water consumption as well as targeting the dust suppression to correct place are the specific features of the Dynaset HPW DUST Dust Suppression System.

The system is based on the powerful Dynaset HPW high pressure water pump which is powered by the carrier machine’s hydraulics. High-pressure water fog is sprayed directly to treated area through special nozzles. The nozzles are
installed to the attachment and additionally on the machine’s boom. High pressure is atomizing the water to microscopic water drops. The weight
of the water bounded dust particle increases dramatically which makes it to fall down. On the other hand, the size of a water drop is so tiny that the dust particle doesn’t become wet enough to cause muddiness.

DYNASET HPW DUST High Pressure Dust Suppression Excavator Demolition web

High-pressure Dust Suppression Technology Praised Now Also in Road Sweeping

The annual street dust problem intensifies each spring during the mandatory road sweeping in the Nordic city streets. In 2012 Finnish maintenance attachment manufacturer Snowek in co-operation with Dynaset introduced new Snowek –sweepers that utilize high-pressure dust suppression for street dust control. The technology, that has been praised around the globe in construction and crushing sites, received an excited response around the Nordic road sweeping market that has for decades used time-consuming and inefficient watering systems to control rising street dust.

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High-pressure dust suppression allows the sweeper brooms to work on a dry surface while the spreading street dust is suppressed with high-pressure water fog that is sprinkled directly on the sweeping surface. The traditional watering
systems wet the street surface and transform the dust and the sand on the street into wet sludge that makes brooms inefficient requiring several laps with the sweeper. Furthermore, when the sludge dries up, the dust rises again in the air.
With the technology used in the Snowek – sweepers dust and sand are swept dry, which makes the street clean at once and the high-pressure water fog suppresses the rising dust efficiently. The high-pressure technology is based on using a minimal amount of water sprinkled with a minimum of 120 bars pressure. Consequently, the high-pressure system uses less than a third of the amount of water used in traditional watering systems.

The sweeping season in the Finnish streets is hectic and the new technology offers considerable efficiency and speed for the cities’ maintenance units. When the street surface is kept dry, sweeping can be started hours earlier in the early spring, when the night temperature is below zero. With the old watering methods, the maintenance units had to wait for the ground to warm-up to avoid freezing the roads. Minimized water usage also boosts work speed as working time is saved from continuous water tank refills.

”From the very beginning at Snowek we knew that the machinery manufacturers had not for years brought working and cost-efficient solutions to the everlasting street dust problem the cities are facing. Together with Dynaset we realized immediately that the highly praised high pressure technology would be the best and the most ecological solution also in road sweeping. After the initial idea, it was all about designing our sweepers to fully utilize the benefits of the new technology. Based on the market feedback, we were right and have been truly successful with this.”, states Mr. Jaakko Happonen the Managing Director and the Head Designer of Snowek Ltd.