Welcome to watch this webcast recording. This webcast’s title is What is the Future of Excavators – Experts Answer and it covers the future of excavators broadly and topics like excavator-related trends. See the recording below!

Webcast Info

Title: What is the Future of Excavators – Experts Answer

Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Time: 2 PM (EEST / UTC + 3)

Duration: 45 minutes + questions

Hostess: Helen Karim

Speakers: DYNASET Area Sales Manager Zili Shi, DYNASET Area Sales Manager Janne Hietamäki and Real Machinery’s Equipment Salesperson Jarno Saloniemi. 

Price: Free-of-Charge

Language: English



The webcast of April 2022 holds the title of “What is the Future of Excavators – Experts Answer“. It will cover things like the past, ongoing, and future trends related to excavators. Experts will talk about how the machines are used differently in different regions. The webcast also provides tips to contractors and others who are going to acquire an excavator, equipment, or attachments for them. At the end of the webcast, you will get valuable knowledge about the future of excavators, including possible upcoming features and, of course, the electrification of excavators. 

This time, the discussion group has three experts and our hostess Helen Karim. Our special guest, Jarno Saloniemi, comes from a company called Real Machinery, the Finnish importer of Doosan excavators. Jarno has worked as a salesperson for hydraulic equipment in Real Machinery for a year and he has almost ten-year sales experience about technical solutions. On top of that experience, he has previously worked for 16 years in the earthmoving and construction industry. He has been involved in numerous excavator equipping projects during his sales career, ensuring a broad view of the industry. As a practical guy, he will give you ideas and insights from the field.

The second discusser is Zili Shi from the DYNASET Sales team. Zili has been working as an Area Sales Manager for almost eight years now, and he is responsible for the sales area of China. In his DYNASET Career, he has collaborated with many manufacturer clients in Asia. He has visited numerous worksites in the past years, which has helped him to see the changes in China’s excavator scheme. In Finland, this technical guy has lived downtown and in the countryside, which has allowed him to see the differences between excavators in city and countryside areas.

The third discusser is Janne Hietamäki and who also is from Dynaset. His sales area is North America, and he will bring exciting insight about the specialties of that region to the discussion. He has worked as a hydraulic equipment salesperson now for six years. He is one of DYNASET Salespersons who has been building hydraulic equipment market in the United States, which has provided him unique knowledge from the field in the United States.