DYNASET Got an Own Solar Power Plant

In June 2021 DYNASET Factory got a solar power plant onto the roof of the factory. This power plant can cover up to 45 % of the factory’s monthly electricity demand during the summer season. The plant can produce up to 110 MWh of green electricity annually and it contains 626 square meters of solar panels.

DYNASET Solar power plant.
DYNASET now has its own solar power plant that was installed onto the factory roof in June 2021. The powerplant can cover up to 45 % of the monthly electricity demand of the DYNASET Factor during the summer season.

And why DYNASET Factory was equipped with solar panels? Well, production of the factory has been growing all the time and so are the energy consumption and costs. The own solar power plant reduces energy costs which in long run reduces the need to raise product prices. In other words, our customers will benefit from the power plant at the end of the day.

Also, the roof of the factory is a place that is hard to use anything else. So, the power plant allows using that space for something that matters in a business vice. We discussed the financial side of the power plant with DYNASET Technical Director Timo Nieminen who led the investment project.

  • The whole investment’s payback time is around 8-9 years at the current electricity price. The investment also got 20 % investment funding from Business Finland that shortens the payback time from the mentioned. Because the funding isn’t higher than that, it obviously wasn’t the main reason for this investment, says Timo Nieminen.
Dynaset’s solar power plant components arriving at the factory.
The components for the solar power plant were delivered and installed in June. The solar power plant contains 626 square meters of tier 1 solar panels.

About The Solar Panels

The panel supplier of the power plant is graded to be in tier 1 of solar panel suppliers which means that the supplier company has a good reputation. The criteria behind the tier 1 label also ensure that the panels have high efficiency and long reliability. One reason is that the Tier 1 panels must be made by the company that sells them. The tier also tells that the same panels are used in a bunch of other projects that are larger than 1.5 MW and these projects must be financed by six different banks in the past two years. These criteria direct companies to use the latest technology and high-quality parts in their solar panels to keep a good reputation. So, on the one hand, the tier doesn’t directly tell about the quality of the solar panels but on the other hand, tier 1 cannot be reached if their quality isn’t flawless and reliable.